National Lever Research Centers, Labs, Science Park and Training Bases
  1. National Engineering Research Center of Solid Waste Resource Recovery

  2. National Engineering Laboratory of Non-ferrous Metal Vacuum Metallurgy

  3. National-Provincial Joint Engineering Laboratory of engineering application of Microwave Energy Engineering and Equipment Technology

  4. National-Provincial Joint Engineering Research Center for Recovery of Waste Gases from Metallurgical and Chemical Industries

  5. National-Provincial Joint Engineering Laboratory for Advanced Solidification Forming of Metal and Equipment Technology

  6. National-Provincial Joint Engineering Laboratory for Lithium-ion Batteries and Materials Preparation Technology

  7. National-Provincial Joint Engineering Research Center for Environmental Protection Technology of Metallurgical and Chemical Energy Saving and Emission Reduction 

  8. International Joint Research Center for Advanced Manufacturing Technology of Super Hard Materials

  9. State Key Laboratory of Clean Utilization in Complex Non-ferrous Metal Resources

  10. National-Provincial Joint Engineering Research Center for Green Integrated Utilization of Metal Tailings Resources   

  11. National Science Park of KUST

  12. National Technology Transfer Demonstration Agencies

  13. National Base for Start-up Sci. & Tech. Businesses and Internship for University Students

  14. National Demonstration Base for Innovative Talents Training

  15. National Level International Technology Transfer Center

  16. National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Demonstration Bases for Small and Micro Businesses

  17. National Level Maker Space

  18. National Demonstration Platform for Public Services for Small and Medium Enterprises Technology & Business Startups  

  19. National Base for Commercial Application of Scientific and Technological Achievements and Technology Transfer for Institutions of Higher Education