National Level Labs/Centers/Institutes

National Engineering ResearchCenter (NDRC) of Solid Waste Resource Recovery

National Engineering Laboratory(NDRC) of Non-ferrous Metal Vacuum Metallurgy

National Technology TransferCenter of KUST

Key Laboratory (MOST) of Clean Utilizationin Complex Non-ferrous Metal Resources

Engineering Research Center (MOE)of High-efficiency Utilization of the Advantageous Mineral

Resources in Western China

Engineering Research Center (MOE)of Metallurgical Energy Saving and Emission Reduction

 Engineering & TechnologyCenter (MOEP) of Industrial Resources Recycling (Kunming)

 Key Laboratory (MOE) of AdvancedMaterials of Non-ferrous-Rare & Precious Metals

 Key Laboratory (MOE) ofUnconventional Metallurgy

 National-Provincialjoint Engineering Laboratory (NDRC) for Advanced Solidification Forming of Metal and Equipment Technology

 National-Provincialjoint Engineering Center (NDRC) for Recovery of Waste Gases from Metallurgical and Chemical Industries

 National-Provincialjoint Laboratory (NDRC) of engineering application of Microwave Energy and Equipment Technology

 InternationalJoint Research Center (MOST) for advanced manufacturing technology of superhard materials

 National Research Center of Microwave Metallurgical Engineering & Technology

 Nationa lKey Laboratory of High-efficiency Energy Utilization of Non-ferrous MetalIndustry

EngineeringTraining Center, National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center

 NationalScience Park of KUST

Training Base for Robot Welding in Kunming Accredited by China Welding Association