National Level Labs/Centers/Institutes

National Engineering Research Center (NDRC) of Solid Waste Resource Recovery

National Engineering Laboratory(NDRC) of Non-ferrous Metal Vacuum Metallurgy

National Technology Transfer Center of KUST

Key Laboratory (MOST) of Clean Utilizationin Complex Non-ferrous Metal Resources

Engineering Research Center (MOE)of High-efficiency Utilization of the Advantageous Mineral Resources in Western China

Engineering Research Center (MOE) of Metallurgical Energy Saving and Emission Reduction

Engineering & TechnologyCenter (MOEP) of Industrial Resources Recycling (Kunming)

Key Laboratory (MOE) of Advanced Materials of Non-ferrous-Rare & Precious Metals

Key Laboratory (MOE) of Unconventional Metallurgy

National-Provincial Joint Engineering Laboratory (NDRC) for Advanced Solidification Forming of Metal and Equipment Technology

National-Provincial Joint Engineering Center (NDRC) for Recovery of Waste Gases from Metallurgical and Chemical Industries

National-Provincialjoint Laboratory (NDRC) of Engineering Application of Microwave Energy and Equipment Technology

International Joint Research Center (MOST) for Advanced Manufacturing Technology of Superhard Materials

National Research Center of Microwave Metallurgical Engineering & Technology

National Key Laboratory of High-efficiency Energy Utilization of Non-ferrous MetalIndustry

Engineering Training Center

National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center

National Science Park of KUST

Training Base for Robot Welding in Kunming Accredited by China Welding Association