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President WANG Hua Investigates and Inspects the Affiliated Hospital of KUST

Recently, President WANG Hua and Vice President XIA Xueshan went to the Affiliated Hospital of KUST (the First People's Hospital of Yunnan Province) for investigation and inspection. JIANG Lihong, president of the affiliated hospital, other leaders of the affiliated hospital, and heads of relevant functional departments of KUST including the Presidents Office, the Division of Development and Planning, the Division of Teaching Administration, the Division of Research Administration, the Graduate School, and the Medical School attended the research symposium.


JIANG Lihong reported the achievements and problems of the affiliated hospital in the anti-pandemic fight, business development, discipline development, and teaching and research. She then put forward opinions and suggestions on medical specialty setting, faculty teaching, doctoral enrollment, title appraisal, and the ownership of scientific research achievements of KUST.



WANG Hua expressed appreciation for the remarkable results and the anti-pandemic spirit of the affiliated hospital. President WANG said that the medical industry is a sunrise industry that never declines, since its development is closely linked with human health. KUST has been developing training programs of medical professionals and creating biomedicine as Peak Discipline, which are the trendy and responsible actions to actively integrate into and serve the medical and healthcare system of Yunnan Province, promoting the General Health Industry in Yunnan and making Yunnan a world-class destination for healthy living. As the affiliated hospital of KUST the First People's Hospital of Yunnan Province is an indispensable force in promoting the biomedical discipline of KUST, and its development on the integration of medical care, teaching and research and has had a direct impact on the training quality of medical professionals of KUST, especially the clinical medical professionals. President WANG noted that the relevant functional departments of KUST and the Medical School must raise awareness, think outside the box, respond to the developmental needs of the affiliated hospital and give it preferential policy and resource support in terms of the enlargement of the teaching staff scale, separate appraisal of professional titles, the introduction, training and recruitment of double-qualified teachers, doctoral enrollment quota allocation, mentor selection, and other important areas. Still, he said we must further strengthen medical care and education integration, promote scientific research exchanges, and encourage the scientific researchers of KUST and the affiliated hospital to label themselves with both affiliation identities when applying for projects and publishing papers, so as to jointly promote the discipline development of KUST and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the affiliated hospital. He also emphasized that we should treat the staff of both sides equally, with the school staff enjoying the same medical security treatment as the hospital staff, and the hospital staff enjoying the same benefit of child enrollment in the affiliated schools of KUST as the school staff. President WANG also said that the two sides should work together to make the conversion and combination of medicine and engineering a model and a highlight, continuously boost the biomedical discipline development of KUST, improve the core competitiveness of the hospital, and make due contributions to develop KUST into a "Double First-Class" university and the hospital a regional first-class medical center.



Translated by: ZHAO Liyan, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: MA Lifei, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures (English)

Source: President Office, the Affiliated Hospital of KUST

Issued by: Division of Overseas Cooperation (English)

Edited by: KUST News Center (Chinese)