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President WANG Hua Conducts Concentrated Research and Inspections in KUST

President WANG Hua conducted a series of research and inspections from January 23rd to the 29th in KUST, including MOE Key Laboratory of Unconventional Metallurgy, NDRC National Engineering Laboratory of Non-ferrous Metal Vacuum Metallurgy, Faculty of Metallurgical and Energy Engineering, Faculty of Land Resources Engineering, Faculty of Material Science and Engineering, Faculty of Management and Economics, City College, Adult Education College, Lianhuayuan Apartment Complex, the Affiliated Primary School of KUST, the student communities, National Science Park of KUST and others. The research team consisted of Vice President YI Jianhong, ZHOU Fengyue, YANG Bin, MA Wenhui, XIA Xueshan and Assistant to  the President XIA Yong.


During the research and inspections, President WANG listened to the reports about the development and management situations of different laboratories, faculties, schools and departments, especially attaching great importance to the progress made during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the pressing concerns at present, as well as the future direction and targets in the 14th Five-Year Plan period.

President WANG granted full recognition and gratitude to all the faculty and staff for their proactivity during the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the tenacity in overcoming various difficulties and the determination for further development. Then he placed into the “to-do list” the suggestions and existing problems related to enrollment, talent training, evaluation of professional titles, reform of performance evaluations, scientific research awards, application for new degree-granting,  and subject assessment. In addition, he urged the related departments to take their corresponding tasks and promptly offer a completion deadline.



Furthermore, President WANG made the following requirements: First, that it’s imperative to build a stronger leadership with unity, to form a healthier atmosphere and to spare no effort for development. Second, that it’s essential to emancipate the mind, seek solutions from facts and strengthen the capacity for execution. All-around planning, deployment and action steps should be carried out to train first-class talents, encourage science and technology projects for high-end awards, build large platforms, incubate programs for remarkable achievements, and support vital industries. Third, that it’s crucial to keep a clear development direction and make strong efforts to build KUST into a first-class university with first-class disciplines, to give support for Yunnan Province’s development of green energy, green food and healthy life, and to make a greater contribution to key industries.

President Wang also inspected the situations about COVID-19 pandemic control and prevention, campus safety, environmental improvement and daily management in Lianhuayuan Apartment Complex, the Affiliated Primary School of KUST, the student communities and the National Science Park of KUST. As for the problems found on-site, he immediately urged the related departments to solve the problems or propose feasible solutions. He emphasized that every responsible department should perform its duty to implement the requirements in response to COVID-19, strengthen the regular management, maintain a favorable environment, and plan for a multifunctional campus. Moreover, related departments should actively respond to the everyday concerns of staff and students. President Wang urged for more efforts to explore creating a civilized and harmonious campus for all KUSTers.



The leaders from the Presidents Office, Division of Development and Planning, Division of Personnel, the members of leading bodies from the laboratories, schools and departments, and some of the core teachers joined in the research and inspections.


Translated by: YANG Fuyu, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures
Edited by: DUAN Tianting, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures (English)
Source: President Office 

Issued by: Division of Overseas Cooperation (English)
Edited by: KUST News Center (Chinese)