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KUST held the 2020 Annual Sports Meeting

At 8:30 a.m. Nov. 26th, KUST held the 43rd Staff Sports Meeting & 48th Student Sports Meeting of KUST in the No.2 stadium of Chenggong campus. University leaders including ZHANG Yingjie, TIAN Jun, LI Li, YI Jianhong, TAO Guangrong, ZHOU Fengyue, SHU Hongchun, XIA Xueshan and more than 5000 teachers and students attended the opening ceremony.


Vice President SHU Hongchun hosted the opening ceremony. The solemn flag-raising ceremony was held at the opening ceremony.


Vice President YI Jianhong delivered an opening remark. On behalf of KUST, YI Jianhong expressed congratulations on the opening of the Sports Meeting, extended his gratitude to the staff, coaches and the leaders of sports team who had made great efforts in organizing the games, and gave cordial greetings and best wishes to all the athletes and referees.


Yi Jianhong noted that KUST has always attached great importance to sports, and the teachers and students of the university have always had a passion for sports. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, in order to meet new requirements and expectations of college students for sports and cultural life in the new era, the university has greatly strengthened the construction of talent team, constantly improved sports teaching facilities, and continued to pay close attention to the development of sports associations. At the same time, KUST has always actively organized various mass sports activities. Various staff fitness activities such as badminton and tennis have been carried out vigorously. KUST has hosted many high-level sports events such as the Chinese College Student Tennis Championship and the Super Group of China University Football Association. KUST has held South Asian and Southeast Asian College Students Sports and Cultural Exchange Week for five consecutive years, which was attended by nearly 40 universities from more than 10 countries and regions including Thailand, India and Vietnam. These sports programs greatly enriched the campus-cultural lives of teachers and students, and enhanced their physical and mental health. What’s more, these sports events spread the reputation of KUST, expanded the influence of KUST, and injected vigor and vitality into the development of various undertakings of the university.


He wishes all the athletes to actively carry forward the Olympic spirit of tenacity and bravery, achieve good results, show their best sport performance and teamwork, gain friendship in the competition, and write the most vivid and wonderful youth movement with their tenacious will and fighting spirit; all referees, coaches and staff to scrupulously fulfill their duties with high responsibility, warm and thoughtful service and selfless dedication, in order to complete all the procedures of the Sports Meeting with high quality and efficiency. He also hoped that all the teachers and students learn from each other and strengthen exchanges to make the sports meeting a tense, orderly, efficient and united grand meeting where we can fly dreams, show strength, release vitality, and share the charm and joy of the games.



At the opening ceremony, representatives of athletes and referees took the oath of obeying the sportsmanship. The Physical Education Institute showed the sports teaching achievement "Baduanjin" (a kind of Chinese aerobics), and the cheerleading team and the art troupe performed dance sports together. During the epidemic, the Physical Education Institute actively explored the new sports teaching mode in online and offline practice, and carried out diversified at-home physical training such as "Baduanjin" and dance sports, to create an atmosphere of non-stop learning, teaching, training, and competing to encourage students to develop sports activities, so as to ensure the quality and effectiveness of teaching.


In the end, ZHANG Yingjie, Chair of the University Council, announced the official opening of the 43rd Staff Sports Meeting & 48th Student Sports Meeting of KUST.


The annual Sports Meeting is not just an exciting sports event for the whole university, but a comprehensive review of school sports work, teachers’ and students’ mental outlook, and a major test of athletes' physical quality, competitive level and psychological endurance. In the next three days, the Meeting will see 50 teams and 1936 athletes compete fiercely in around 15 games, and their collective consciousness, competition consciousness and tenacious fighting spirit will also be fully displayed in front of all the teachers and students. The university will also take the opening of the games as an opportunity to further promote the reform of physical education, to strengthen the construction of campus sports culture, to nurture the campus- cultural atmosphere, to develop and constantly consolidate the role and position of sports work in cultivating and practicing the socialist-core-values and building a talent training system of fostering students with an all-round development in morality, intelligence, physics, aesthetics and laboring.

The Sports Meeting is also a chance to encourage teachers and students to get out of the network, dormitory and office and step into the playground, further set off a new upsurge of teachers’ and students’ fitness, jointly create a new situation of sports work in KUST, and create a cohesive force for serving and supporting the construction of "Double First-rate" university.



Bathed in the warm winter sun, representatives of teachers and students of the university formed 31 squares, with a high spirit, and entered the stadium with vigorous steps. Youthful exercises, wonderful Face-Changing in Sichuan opera, and intimidating racing, all showed the enthusiasm and vitality of KUSTers.


Faculty of Land Resources Engineering

As successors in the field of geological and mineral survey in the new era, they will shed sweat for good performance at the Sport Meeting


Faculty of Metallurgical and Energy Engineering

As a Faculty with KUST’s distinctive characteristics, they will meet the challenge with action on the field.


Faculty of Material Science and Engineering

In the flower of their age, they are full of energy and pride.


Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Adhering to the motto of seizing opportunities, learning from fine examples, and serving the country with justice heart, with a warrior heart and concerted effort, they have the confidence to win the first.


Faculty of Electric Power Engineering

We are powered and full of energy

Who but us can win the champion?


Faculty of Information Engineering and Automation

Off the field, they are a rigorous and realistic research team;

On the field, they are high-spirited athletes.


Faculty of Civil Engineering and Mechanics

With unique style and sonorous slogan, their higher, faster and stronger sports spirit will be shown at every moment on the playground.


Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning

Outside the field, tall buildings were sprung up from their pens;

On the field, dream lands were built with their valiant bearings.


Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering

Adhering to the motto of using your knowledge to benefit the world, with higher ends, they will make further achievements in this Sports Meeting.


Faculty of Chemical Engineering

The strong wind cannot blow away their enthusiasm.

The scorching sun cannot wear out their friendship.

On the field today, they still have the ambition to win with full capacity.


Faculty of Transportation Engineering

Look! KUSTers have self-developed formula cars.

The newly-designed car is entering the stadium.

Let's look forward to their performance.


Faculty of Civil Aviation and Aeronautics

With the spirit of being rigorous, realistic and excellent, they are moving towards the goal of being higher, faster and stronger.


Faculty of Agriculture and Food

Like the rising sun, with enthusiasm and hope, they are full of vigor and vitality.


Law School

Embodied with the rigor of law, they are bursting with youthful splendor.


School of Marxism

They dare to strive for success and dare to challenge.

Let’s look forward to their wonderful performance.


Faculty of Art and Communication

Accompanied by art and beauty, with professional foundation and outlook on the future, they are a group full of love and charm. They are a tacit and united team.


Faculty of Science

Science is the cornerstone of their learning path.

They stride proudly ahead with high spirit and vigor.

They are the self-challenged athletes.


Faculty of Management and Economics

Let’s pursuit together and fight together.

Come on!


Faculty of Life Science and Technology

They explore the mystery of life in the lab, and depict the posture of science with pens.

Let’s learn from them and cheer for them.


School of International Education

"Unity and struggling" is their slogan.

"Striving for excellence" is their goal.

The splendor of different countries converges here.


Faculty of Foreign Language and Culture

The winter wind did not quench their enthusiasm.

They will shine more brilliantly than the summer sun.


Medical School

“We are spirited; we are irresistible; we are fearless; we are the strongest.”

With the unswerving aspiration, they are convinced to compete against all the competitors.


Faculty of Public Security and Emergency Management

Facing the rising sun, walking in a neat pace, experienced the ups and downs of 2020, they will embrace the new challenges with full spirit.


City College

They are comprised of university leaders, department heads, military associations, and student representatives of cheerleading team.

They will race out of level with sportsmanship.


Oxbridge College

They adhere to the idea of running the school with quality and characteristics, and preserve in the training feature of cultivating versatile specialists. 

Oxbridge College is committed to be an application-oriented college with distinctive characteristics, leading in Yunnan and well-known in the region.

Let’s look forward to their performance on the field.


Trade union

They are qualified in politics and excellent in quality, with outstanding conduct and striving spirit.


Logistical Support Center

Tenacity and courage are the spirit of every logistician.


Student Community

They provides students with best management and best service, and the warm atmosphere makes them feel at home.


Asset Management Co. Ltd

Through scientific planning and standardized management, the value of state-owned assets has been preserved and added, which strongly supported the connotative development of KUST.


During the epidemic, the Institute of Physical Education actively explored new models of online and offline physical education, and carried out diversified at-home physical exercises such as “Baduanjin” and dance sports. After the admission ceremony, the students showed the elegant demeanor of “Baduanjin”, which drew high praise from the audience; Dancers of the school cheerleading team and the art troupe performed with passion and energy.



In the next three days, the Sports Meeting will be held as scheduled. It is a great review of the sports skills of teachers and students and a demonstration of the university's sports work and spiritual outlook of KUST.


We wish all the athletes can surpass themselves,display their talents and show their best sports performance! We also wish the game a complete success!



Translated by: CAI Siqing, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: ZHANG Wei, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures (English)

Photo by: WANG Ziyin, XIA Yuanxin, SHI Ji, ZHANG Dongwei

Edited by: SHA Sisi, XU Lei, WANG Qiruo

Planned by: HAN Han CHENG Tanyueying