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KUST's Poverty-relief Work over the Past 5 Years

Today is the seventh "Poverty Alleviation Day" in China and the 28th "International Day for the Eradication of Poverty". Since 2014, October 17th has been becoming the Poverty Alleviation Day every year.


Since August 2015, KUST has begun to undertake the designated poverty alleviation work in Puwa,Tuchang and Ciying villages in Yangchang Town, Xuanwei City. With KUST and the local government’s joint efforts, 2010 poor people of 664 families in Puwa,Tuchang and Ciying villages have been lifted out of poverty. At the same time, Xuanwei City has passed the national assessment conducted by the third-party in April 2020 and has achieved poverty alleviation.


Fighting against poverty, KUST are in action

Utilizingthe advantages and resources in information, skills and specialties, KUST helped poor villagers find income-increasing projects by training them practical skills.


A partial interior view of the work site in Puwa Village


KUST donated computers to Ciying Village


KUST carried out educational support activities in Tuchang Village


Since receiving the poverty alleviation task, KUST attached great importance and set up a special Poverty Alleviation Office in June 2016. During the process of the poverty alleviation, KUST holds the poverty alleviation promotion meeting every year. Heads of KUST, along with leaders of each division, go to the poverty alleviation areas and villages to inspect and guide the work many times a year.


 ZHANG Yingjie, Chairman of University Council (second from left in the front row), investigated on the vegetable base  


ZHANG Yingjie, Chairman of University Council, visited the low-income family


WANG Xueqin (third from right), President of KUST, investigated the vegetable base in Yangchang Town.


President WANG Xueqin visited the low-income family.


By strengthening industry, improving education and environment, Yangchang Town strives for a relatively comfortable life.

Since the end of 2015, KUST has helped three villages, Puwa, Tuchang, and Ciying, to build pollution-free vegetable bases, and formed an cooperative agricultural planting model among KUST, Co-op Union, and poor villagers. Yangchang Town has successfully applied for 10 million high-efficiency water-saving irrigation projects, which provided generous support for developing the agricultural industry in Yangchang Town. At the same time, the school canteen vegetable procurement and staff welfare were combined with the sale of agricultural and sideline products produced by poor households, which actively helped poor households expand sales channels. About 6.8666 million yuan was invested in purchasing agricultural products from vegetable bases and agricultural and sideline products from poor households. Three hundred fifteen poor people make 2.8936 million yuan by working, 249 families to make 823,900 yuan  through land transfer, and 230 families to increase their income by 950,000 yuan by purchasing agricultural and sideline products, which initially achieves the goal of KUST industry support program.


The resident team discussed poverty alleviation with villagers' representatives.


Demonstration base of special supply vegetables for poverty alleviation


Member of KUST working group in the village went to the fields to help farmers harvest corn.


KUST purchased agricultural and sideline products from the poor


The vegetable base staff was preparing vegetables for KUST canteens.


KUST has strengthened education support and enhanced the ability to get rid of poverty. The affiliated middle school and primary school of KUST has established a long-term counterpart assistance relationship with Yangchang Town Junior High School, Chaoyang Complete Primary School and Tuchang Complete Primary School. KUST has actively carried out activities such as training primary and secondary school teachers and donations to raise the local education level and improve the teaching environment. KUST faculties give full play to their advantages in education and poverty alleviation. They actively carry out activities such as lectures on health knowledge popularization, training on green house vegetable planting and walnut planting technology, and training for rural primary officials in Yangchang Town.


"Sending warmth in winter and helping the poor" activity site


Walnut planting technical training in Yangchang Town


KUST organized lectures on health knowledge


A resident team member was publicizing

the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control to the villagers.


KUST pays attention to the improvement of the living environment and helps to build a beautiful home. KUST donated 1 million yuan to Yangchang Town, Xuanwei City, to support the village to improve the living environment and other poverty alleviation efforts. Through the implementation of this project, the overall living environment of Puwa, Tuchang and Ciying, supported by KUST, has been dramatically improved. The villagesenvironment and the spirit of the poor have been significantly improved.


Improvement of human settlement environment


Beautiful countryside construction


The year 2020 marks the achievement of moderate prosperity throughout the society, and it is also the fifth year for KUST to help Yangchang Town in Xuanwei City. KUST Focused on the overall thinking of "fighting against poverty, improving people's livelihood, and building a harmonious society", and closely following the word "precision". It actively relied on the advantages of school disciplines, talents, scientific research, resources, etc., and solidly promoted the designated poverty alleviation work. With the help of KUST, three villages: Puwa, Tuchang and Ciying in Yangchang Town, have all been lifted out of poverty this year. The countryside has taken on a new look and the villagers’ life quality has been greatly improved.



Translated by: LU Xiaoling, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures
Edited by: CHEN Chunli, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures (English)
                             Source: Poverty Relief Office

Issued by: Division of Overseas Cooperation (English)  Edited by: KUST News Center (Chinese)