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KUST Wins 12 Yunnan Science and Technology Awards

On July 9, the 2019 Yunnan Science and Technology Awards Ceremony was held at Haigeng Hall in Kunming city, which honored the scientists and technicians and organizations that made outstanding contributions to Yunnan's science and technology progress, economic and social development in 2019.


Scholars of KUST as the first accomplisher have been awarded 12 prizes, including 1 first prize, 3 second prizes and 2 third prizes for Natural Science Award, 1 special prize and 2 first prizes for Technological Invention Award, 2 first prizes and 1 second prize for Science and Technology Progress Award.



List of Awards







Six projects, including “Clean Production of Zinc Smelting and Key Technologies and Industrialization for Improving quality and Reducing Consumption”, were also granted as Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Award.


Congratulations to these winning teams and individuals.


The On-site Ceremony







KUST has always taken science and technology as an important way to serve the local, industrial and national economic construction, and feasibly implemented the strategy of innovation-driven development. Being presented with prizes for Technological Invention fully demonstrates the outstanding achievements in technological innovation in recent years. Many awards received in the application domain show that KUST attaches great importance to the combination of industry, education, research and application and have yielded fruitful results.


In the future, KUST will further condense the direction of scientific research and properly arrange discipline structure. In accordance with major national needs, KUST will actively deploy and carry out scientific and technological innovation activities on the "bottleneck" projects, in order to achieve more significant results.



Translated by: CAI Siqing, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures
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