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KUST Commencement: Honoring the Class of 2020

On July 6th, the Commencement of the KUST Class of 2020 was held at No.2 Gymnasium on KUST Chenggong Campus. The ceremony was held to honor the graduation of the KUST Class of 2020 and confer their hard-earned degrees. The event was live streamed simultaneously through the online teaching platforms of Superstar, Rain Classroom and WeChat.



A total of more than 1,000 relevant personnel attended the ceremony, including KUST's Council Chair ZHANG Yingjie, President WANG Xueqin, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences JI Weizhi, KUST's Council Vice Chair LI Li, Vice President YI Jianhong, Secretary of the Committee for Discipline Inspection TAO Guangrong, Vice Presidents ZHOU Fengyue, SHU Hongchun, YANG Bin and XIA Xueshan, and graduating students of Class 2020, heads of divisions and departments, deans of faculties, supervisors, class teachers, professors and news media reporters. Vice President SHU Hongchun presided over the ceremony.



President WANG Xueqin reviewed the past six months of the year of 2020, saying that it was an extraordinary year witnessing the major strategic achievements made by the people throughout China in fighting against the COVID-19 epidemic and the implementation of “Classes are postponed but teaching and learning will be done online” program. In the past few months, every KUSTer has been participating in the prevention and control of the epidemic in different ways and making contributions to the implementation of the Chinese governance with actions.     


President WANG Xueqin presented his most encouraging life tips to the graduating students, reminding them to set a goal and find the right direction in life; to cherish time and accomplish their life-long goals; and accumulate working experience step by step and live with hope. He encouraged the graduating students to keep the high-spirited attitude towards life and work in face of risks, challenges and difficulties, to create new opportunities in the crisis, to achieve greater successes and grow to be brave pioneers in the new era.



At the ceremony, President WANG Xueqin took the lead and all the other attending the ceremony sang the song “My Country and My People”, wishing China to grow stronger and more prosperous, and the students to make greater contributions in the course of realizing the Chinese dream and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.



At the ceremony, Chair ZHANG Yingjie presented the letter of appointment to the volunteer representatives participating in the 2020 alumni work. Vice President YI Jianhong declared the decision of conferring degrees to the graduating students. Vice Chair LI Li read out the decision to commend the outstanding graduates of Class 2020. Secretary TAO Guangrong read out the appointment decision of volunteer contact person for alumni work in 2020. And TAN Haotian, a student of Class 2020 of Faculty of Art and Communication, spoke at the ceremony on behalf of all graduating students.



In the degree awarding ceremony, leaders of KUST awarded the degree certificate to each and every graduating student present and took group photos with them to record this wonderful and unforgettable moment. Exhibition boards were set up outside the gymnasium, and special cards were placed in every seat with the words of "We are graduating", "I love KUST", "Goodbye KUST" and "I am the hope of the whole class" which not only satisfied the students' desire to take interesting photos but also added special meaning to the very ending days of their university life.




Translated by: MENG Zhen, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: WANG Ying, School of International Education

Issued by : Division of Overseas Cooperation (English)

                                                                           Edited by: KUST News Center (Chinese)