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ZOU Yongsong Selected as Top 10 Role Model Directors of Dean’s Office of Local Universities in 2019

On June 15th, China's Ministry of Education held the 2020 National Conference of Directors of Higher Education as well as the Working Meeting of the Higher Education Teaching Steering Committee. At the conference, role models of Higher Education Office, role models directors of Higher Education Office, and role model directors of Deans Office in 2019 were announced. ZOU Yongsong, a research fellow and Director of Deans Office at KUST was selected as one of the top ten role models directors of Deans Office of local universities and colleges.



At the video conference, WU Yan, Director General of the Higher Education Department of Ministry of Education made a keynote speech on the theme of “Planning the Overall Situation, Handling the Ever Changing Situation and Initiating the New Situation: Higher and Stronger”, which put forward greater requirements and direction of reform and construction for universities and colleges in the reform and development of higher education in 2020.


The fact that ZOU Yongsong was selected as one of the role model directors of Deans Office of local universities reflects that the Ministry of Education highly appreciated the work KUST has made in university education, embodying the continuous improvement of undergraduate teaching quality of KUST.



In recent years, with the active cooperation and strong support of all faculties and departments, the undergraduate education at KUST has gained a number of remarkable achievements. The implementation of “The KUST Plan”, “The KUST Wisdom” and “The KUST Modein building and improving the first-class undergraduate education at KUST were made known on the National Conference of Undergraduate Education and included in the Compilation of Documents on Strengthening Undergraduate Education in Some Regions and Universities of China, gaining wide attention and praise from the universities and colleges throughout China; 24 majors have passed the national accreditation, ranking the second nationally and the first locally; 17 national and 13 provincial first-class undergraduate major construction sites were approved, ranking the 33rd nationally; according to The 2012-2019 National University Teachers’ Teaching Competition Status Data(Undergraduate), KUST ranked the 49th on the list, being the single university in Yunnan Province ranking the top 50 for three consecutive years. According to the 2015-2019 and 2019 national general university discipline competition ranking released by China Association of Higher Education, KUST ranked the 56th, being the only university in Yunnan Province that has entered the top 100 for four consecutive years. During the COVID-19 epidemic, KUST successfully carried out full and all-round coverage of online education and teaching practice, and the experience was affirmed by international conferences; KUST is among the first batch of 59 universities selected to offer courses on online teaching international platform of the Ministry of Education with 7 international massive open online classes; one massive open online course was launched on the French FUN MOOC International Platform, which is the first massive open online course on international platform in Yunnan Province, and the third massive open online course on French FUN MOOC International Platform in Chinese Mainland; four massive open online course have been launched on the "A Power of Learning" APP, being the first massive open online courses offered by universities in Yunnan Province.



Translated by: JI Menghan, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: Prof. WANG Ying, School of International Education

Issued by: Division of Overseas Cooperation (English)

Edited by: KUST News Center (Chinese)