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KUST Organizing Orderly On-campus Teaching for Back-to-Campus Students

On June 8, over 10,000 back-to-campus undergraduate students in KUST started to have classes on campuses as planned. Both teachers and students were ready for the teaching and learning in good spirits amid the sound and orderly organization of the university.


At 7:50 a.m., Vice President SHU Hongchun, together with the heads of Division of Teaching Administration, Division of Student Administration, Information Centre and all relevant faculties inspected the very first classes for this spring semester on Chenggong Campus. All the teachers arrived at the classrooms early before the classes started, getting everything ready for their teaching; all the students came to the classrooms on time, showing their readiness to learn.


SHU Hongchun chaired a meeting after the inspection, in which 28 faculties made their reviews on the attendance of the on-campus students, the teaching plans of next three weeks, the online teaching plans for the off-campus students and the preparations for the final exams. In the meeting, SHU stressed that all faculties should specify their teaching strategies for a better connection between online and offline classes based on the requests of the syllabus and the teaching progress to ensure the completeness of teaching content and avoid any teaching degradation. Emphasis was put on full consideration about the complexity of organizing the final exam. And simultaneous online and offline exams should be respectively arranged after each faculty figures out the exact numbers of the students on and off the campus so as to ensure the fairness of the exam and reduce the students’ anxiety about not being able to take the exams.



The Department of Physical Education has made full preparations for the smooth transformation from online teaching to ground teaching. The Department of Physical Education has made the “Ba Duan Jin” exercise, a kind of traditional Chinese martial arts part of their classes, enabling the students to keep physically and spiritually fit and have fun during classes.



It is reported that from this week on, Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Information Engineering and Automation, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Faculty of Science and the Engineering Training Center will start their practical teaching arrangement one after another. Elaborate teaching preparations have been made including sterilization in the classrooms and labs as planned, ensuring progress in both teaching and the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control. With well-planned preparations, classroom teaching for back-to-campus undergraduates has been well carried out under the joint effort of all divisions, faculties, and departments of KUST.



Translated by: LI Meilin, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: WANG Ying, School of International Education

Issued by: Division of Overseas Cooperation (English)

SourceDivision of Teaching Administration (Chinese)

Edited by: KUST News Center (Chinese)