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KUST International Students Discussing President XI’s Reply Letter to USTB Pakistani Students

On May 17th, Chinese President XI Jinping, also General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, wrote in reply to Pakistani students of University of Science and Technology Beijing. President XI Jinping extended his warm welcome to all international students who come to China to pursue further academic study. XI encouraged them to make friends with Chinese youth and called on them to jointly contribute to strengthening people-to-people ties and building a community with the shared future for mankind. XI’s reply letter received enthusiastic responses from international students of KUST who talked freely about their understanding of the letter and expressed their gratitude to the support and concern from the Chinese government and KUST since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic.



Faisal and Nisa, both PhD students from Pakistan, said: “China and Pakistan are true friends. China always stands firmly together with Pakistan since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic. We didnt go back to Pakistan during the winter vacation and we witnessed the fighting spirit of Chinese people against the epidemic. We are extremely appreciative of KUST’s help and solidarity. Teachers of School of International Education provided us with surgical masks and other protective articles. Were thankful to KUST very much for taking care of us international students.”


 “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Qayam wrote, “We stood firmly by China in the tough time. We Pakistani students decided to stand with Chinese people as we are true friends.” Qayam is a graduate student majoring in software engineering of Faculty of Information Engineering and Automation.


Mubashir, a PhD student from Pakistan majoring in biology in Faculty of Life Science and Technology, said that the reply from President XI Jinping to Pakistani students conveyed friendship and concern. During the epidemic, China offered medical and financial assistance to Pakistan and provided convenience for Pakistani students studying in China. KUST made efforts to protect us from the virus and supplied us with protective appliances as good as possible. He said with deep feeling, “In the tough time, the concern and patience from the SIE teachers reassured us. China has been taking good care of us as it did to its own people. We felt the amity toward each other; Pakistan will stand together with China to overcome the current difficulties.”



Butera, a Masters degree student from Rwanda, said, “The epidemic has given me a deeper impression on China. Thank all the teachers of KUST for taking care of us. We live in a global village with a shared future. I hope other countries will make the situation better. I am now a graduate student majoring in soil and water engineering. I plan to go back to Rwanda after my graduation in 2021, and I want to become an ambassador of Chinese culture because I love China and hope that people all over the world will know more about Chinese culture. ”


Nawaf, an international student from Yemen, said, “Thank President XI Jinping for his encouragement and concern for us; I think it is a great thing that the Chinese government puts priority to people’s lives and health. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, KUST has protected all the international students and provided us with the help for the epidemic prevention and control.”


Nadimullah, an international student from Afghanistan, said, “China took very good protective and controlling measures to fight against the COVID-19. I have been staying on campus ever since the COVID-19 epidemic broke out and got all the concern and help from the teachers of KUST. Thank China for providing generous assistance for Afghanistan and China’s anti-epidemic experience helped our country a lot.”


Muqimjon, an international student from Tajikistan, said, “The reply letter by President XI Jinping touched me greatly. President XI Jinping expressed his welcome to youth from all countries of the world to come to China for further study. He encouraged us to exchange ideas with Chinese youth, work together and contribute to fostering better understanding between the two peoples and building the community with a shared future for mankind. China attached great importance to the international students, which showed China’s respect to the students from the rest of the world; I’m truly grateful to the Chinese government and KUST for offering me help in study and life during the epidemic.”


Nataniel, an international student from Madagascar, said, “I truly believe that China will finally take control of the epidemic rapidly ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic. While staying on campus, I am always feeling safe with the protection of the university. I had gained a better understanding of China. We have been well protected by China. Thank you, China. I also admire the Chinese people very much for their spirit of fighting together against the COVID-19.”



Translated by: LI Jiali, Faculty of Foreign Language and Cultures

Edited by: REN Zhaoying, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures, WANG Ying, School of International Education

Issued by: Division of Overseas Cooperation (English)

Source: School of International Education

Edited by: KUST News Center (Chinese)