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KUSTer in 2020 Mt. Qomolangma Elevation Measurement

Members of the 2020 Chinese Surveying Team of Mt. Qomolangma elevation measurement reached the summit of Mt. Qomolangma from the northern slope at 11:00 am sharp, May 27, 2020, placed a surveyor’s beacon on the summit and conducted GNSS, snow-depth radar and gravity surveys. The Team consists of the First Geodetic Surveying Brigade under China’s Ministry of Natural Resources and the Mountaineering Team. CHANG Jun, a KUST’s alumnus, was a team member and mainly engaged in GNSS survey and quality inspection at the foot of and around Mt. Qomolangma.



The 2020 Mt. Qomolangma elevation measurement was officially launched on April 30, 2020. The first- and second-class leveling surveying was applied from the deep bedrock point in Shigatse to the base camp and third-class leveling surveying from the base camp to the second base camp. The elevation traverse and cross-river leveling surveys were applied to 6 intersection points at which the surveyors aimed at the surveyor’s beacon on the summit and carried out intersection measurement and GNSS joint measurement. The core of the task was to measure Mt. Qomolangma elevation precisely, which represents the level of science and technology of surveying and mapping in China. This measurement relied on the application of Beidou Navigation Satellite System, ground and airborne gravimeter to improve the measurement accuracy, and 3D Interactive Virtual Reality applied to display the natural resources of Mt. Qomolangma visually.



CHANG Jun was an undergraduate of the 2006 Surveying and Mapping Engineering and a graduate of the 2009 Geodesy and Surveying Engineering from KUST’s Faculty of Land Resource Engineering. CHANG joined the First National Surveying Brigade in 2009, and had been engaged in GNSS survey in no man's land in Tibet from 2016 to 2019. He cherishes his post and is dedicated to his work. He is tenacious and sincere in serving the country and has won a good reputation for KUST in the national surveying team.



Translated by: MENG Zhen, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

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