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Faculty of Life Sci & Tech Supports Prevention & Control of Covid-19 Epidemic in Research & Teaching

After the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, teachers and students in the Faculty of Life Science and Technology have taken their advantages of professional disciplines and helped combat the Covid-19 epidemic through research, teaching and popular science education.


     Since March 2, the Faculty has fully fulfilled the requirements of “Postponement of Schooling without Suspension of Learning” and taught online teaching. In response to the epidemic situation, our teachers have enriched the course contents related to the epidemic prevention and control and, also integrated the knowledge of life education and ideological and political education into the online teaching.


     In more than 10 courses including “Genetic Engineering” and “Pharmaceutical Technology”, teachers have delivered the knowledge about the composition of the novel coronavirus 2019-ncov nucleic acid, the research and development of genetic engineering vaccine, antibody detection, development of new drugs, etc, and explained the development of the virus, treatment methods, drug screening, the development of the vaccine, and production processes in detail, combining the detection of COVID-19, and the development, use and evaluation of its drugs with teaching.



On March 5th, Professor Xia Xueshan, Professor Feng Yue, Associate Professor Wang Binghui and Dr. Dong Shuwei, as well as Fan Qiong, the Chief Physician of the university hospital, gave an open lecture of “Combating the Covid-19” to teachers and students throughout the univeristy, aboutthe status of this epidemic, its origin, biological characteristics, and control methods, as well as the development of drugs and vaccines.



Before the Spring Festival, the research group of molecular virology in our Faculty had launched the project of “Establishment in Animal Models of Covid-19 Epidemic and Evaluation of the Efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicines”. In this process, the origin of novel coronavirus has been traced. The methods of quantitative real-time PCR assay and general PCR assay for the detection of Covid-19 have been applied to screen for drugs showing strong inhibiting activity to Covid-19 on some natural compounds, and evaluate the treatment effects of animal models.


Disasters have no emotion, but people do. Taking advantage of professional disciplines, teachers and students in the Faculty of Life Science and Technologypersists on using scientific research to promote teaching, on spreading scientific knowledge of the epidemic prevention and control and give full support to the Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control.



Translated by: JI Menghan, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

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