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I Am a Kuster, a Volunteer on Frontline of Battling COVID-19

    On February 1, CCTV7 ---National Defense Military Channel --- in its military report program from 19: 30 to 20: 00 broadcast an interview with a mother and her daughter who have been fighting novel coronavirus together on the frontline. The mother is a nurse named XU Chuan from the General Hospital of the Central War Zone of People’s Liberation Army. Her daughter, TAN Yixi, is a student from Class 161, Department of Environment Science, KUST's Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering.


    TAN Yixi is from Wuhan, Hubei province. In the battle against novel coronavirus, she follows the example of her mother who stands on the frontline of battling the epidemic. She applied to be a volunteer on January 29 and started working on January 30, fighting the anti-epidemic war together with her mother on the frontline.


She chose to brave the coronavirus risk.

    This epidemic of COVID-19 bore down menacingly and got almost every Chinese people involved. In this war without smoke of gunpowder, TAN Yixi decided to be a volunteer braving the coronavirus risk. She said: “I told myself that it is a glorious deed to stand side by side with my mother and battle against the virus on the adverse occasions when I have the opportunity and abilities to make contributions to my country and my people.”


    When asked about the attitude of her parents towards being a volunteer, TAN Yixi replied: “My parents definitely worry about my safety, but they also hope I can shoulder responsibility.”



She volunteered to devote herself in the anti-epidemic war.

     In Wuhan, the frontline of anti-epidemic war, TAN’s daily task was to answer calls about material donations, contact the donators, track material donations and check the material receipts and storage time. She worked for nearly 12 hours a day in the noisy and complicated environment, but TAN never gave in.


    She said: “The hardest thing, I think, for a volunteer is to persist in what you’re doing. Indeed, I have suffered great physical and mental pressures when working for a long time in a noisy and not-absolutely-safe environment, but since I have chosen this path, I should work hard and cannot slacken efforts. What touches me most is phone calls I receive every day. They are all enthusiastic donators who make me feel their love for those in need of help, the patriotic spirit and unity of the Chinese people that they represent. I firmly believe that we Chinese people will tide over the difficulties and win the battle!”


She excels in morals as well as academic performances

     TAN Yixi has achieved excellent academic results and outstanding performance while studying at KUST. She won many honorary titles, including "KUST Outstanding Student Scholarship" and "KUST Outstanding Communist Youth League Member". At the same time, she is also the main player of the basketball team and has participated in a number of basketball competitions on behalf of KUST.



TAN Yixi, recommended by KUST for her excellency in morals as well as academic performances, has been admitted to Beijing Normal University to pursue the Master’s degree. She said that she would continue to work hard in the postgraduate study period, striving for the academic achievements, serve the community and the country.



Translated by: YANG Fuyu, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: WANG Ying, School of International Education

  Issued by: Division of Overseas Cooperation (English)

Source:Youth League Committee of KUST (Chinese)

Edited by: KUST News Center (Chinese)