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Vice President of Northumbria University Visited KUST

On November 27, Steven Keven, Vice President of Northumbria University and his delegation visited KUST and held a talk with the leaders of Yunnan Province and KUST for further cooperation. CHEN Shibo, Deputy Secretary of the Work Committee of Higher Education of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, KUST's President Dr. WANG Xueqin and President Assistant Prof. WANG Nengmin attended the talk.


Mr. CHEN Shibo briefed the development and opening up of higher education in Yunnan Province. He hoped that KUST and Northumbria University can establish closer cooperation and help to promote education internationally in Yunnan Province.


President WANG Xueqin warmly welcomed Vice President Steven Keven and his delegation for cooperation and exchange. He then made a brief account of KUST. He said that KUST is striving to promote its internationalization and cooperation with overseas universities, and to cultivate high-quality talents with international visions. President Wang expected that the two universities will establish a long-term cooperative relationship and jointly improve the international school running level considering that the development and discipline settings of Northumbria University are similar to those of KUST.



Steven Keven expressed his gratitude to KUST and then briefly introduced Northumbria University and its professional characteristics. He expressed his confidence in the cooperation between the two universities and welcomed the leaders and teachers of KUST to visit Northumbria University for the in-depth development of the cooperation between the two sides.


The heads or directors of KUST President’s Office, Academic Affairs Office, Division of Overseas Cooperation, Graduate School, and Faculty of Art and Communication attended the talk.



Translated by: LUO Man, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: WANG Ying, School of International Education

Issued by: Division of Overseas Cooperation (English)

Source: Division of Overseas Cooperation (Chinese) 

Edited by: KUST News Center (Chinese)