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The First Ranking of National Teachers’ Teaching Development Index Released: KUST Ranks No. 77

Recently, the China Association of Higher Education officially released the first “National Teachers’ Teaching Development Index for Undergraduate Colleges and Universities”. More than 1200 undergraduate colleges and universities participated in the ranking, and KUST ranked 77th.


The ranking of “National Teachers’ Teaching Development Index for Undergraduate  Colleges and Universities” is a ranking of the teaching development of teachers based on the so-called “6+1” model, that is, teaching teams, teaching reform projects, course-book compiling projects, academic papers on teaching, awards and prizes of teaching achievements, teacher training bases plus teaching competitions. The ranking is done by taking into consideration of teaching, teachers, history and development of the teachers at colleges and universities by the China Association of Higher Education. By analyzing and evaluating millions of data ranging the past 40-plus years collected from undergraduate colleges and universities across China, the Index is a social evaluation mechanism from a third-part standpoint, which offers a powerful back supporting colleges and universities to promote the teaching development of their professional teachers, thus becoming an important decision-making basis for quality evaluation and teaching reform of China’s colleges or universities. Using the Index, colleges and universities will be enabled to get a better knowledge of their own teaching development level, be aware of their own merits and demerits, deepen the educational reform in colleges and universities, and endeavor to build up high-quality professional teaching teams with political, professional and educational excellences.


It is reported that in the past few years the Division of Teaching Affairs Administration, Division of Personnel and Labor Union of KUST have been actively organizing teachers to participate in various kinds of teaching competitions, and have achieved fruitful results in national and provincial competitions. According to The 2012-2017 National University TeachersTeaching Competition Status Data and The 2012-2018 National Undergraduate University Teachers’ Teaching Competition Status Data issued by the expert working group of “Research on Evaluation and Management System of University Competitions” of the China Association of Higher Education, KUST ranked the 35th and the 47th respectively in the above two rankings among 858 undergraduate universities involved in the ranking, thus becoming the university with best performance in Yunnan Province for two consecutive years.



Translated by: LIAO Wenpei, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: WANG Ying, School of International Education

Issued by: Division of Overseas Cooperation (English)

Source: Division of Teaching Administration, Division of Personnel (Chinese) 

Edited by: KUST News Center (Chinese)