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Prof. FENG Jing's Paper won the JACerS Best Paper Award

Recently, the 2019 International Conference on Materials Science and Technology was held in Portland, Oregon, USA. The academic paper "Thermophysical properties of rare earth Barium aluminates (JACS, 2018) " completed by Prof. FENG Jing and his team from KUST's Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering won the JACerS Best Paper Award for new breakthroughs in key technologies for thermal barrier coatings.


Figure 1. (Left) Award certificate; (Middle) X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) pattern of Ba6Ln2Al4O15 and schematic diagram of temperature reduction by thermal barrier coating on nickel-based alloy surface (Right) (A) thermal conductivity, (B) thermal expansion of Ba6Ln2Al4O15 compared with other materials

In this paper, a solid reaction method was used to synthesize a Ba6Ln2Al4O15 (Ln = Gd,Dy, Er, Yb) compound with one-sixth oxygen vacancies, which has ultra-low thermal conductivity and good thermal expansion coefficient (11.8x10-6~13.6x10-6).K-1), Ba6Yb2Al4O15 has a thermal conductivity of 0.98 W/(m.K) at 1073 K, which has the potential to become a new thermal barrier coating material. It has made major breakthroughs in the fields of aviation, aerospace, military, transportation and large-scale thermal power generation. Prof. FENG Jing is the first author, Dr. ZHOU Yunxuan also from KUST's Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering is one of the co-author, and the cooperation university is the School of Materials of Tsinghua University.


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