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2019 Yunnan International Technology Transfer Forum Opened at KUST

From October 21st to 23rd, the 2019 Yunnan International Technology Transfer Forum was held at the KUST International Talent Exchange Center with the theme of “Converging Technology Transfer Talents and Promoting the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements”. The forum was co-sponsored by the Yunnan Provincial Department of Science and Technology and KUST. More than 10 experts and scholars from China, Australia, Russia, the United States, South Africa and the Philippines attended the forum.



WU Tao, member of the Standing Committee of the KUST Party Committee and KUST Vice-President, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. Vice-President WU Tao pointed out that speeding up the transfer of scientific and technological achievements, opening up the channel of combining science and technology with the economy, and forming new productive forces as soon as possible are of great significance to advance supply-side structural reform, implement the strategy of innovation-driven development, promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and improve the quality and efficiency of development. The forum gathered high-level talents at home and abroad, effectively enriched and perfected the database of experts at home and abroad in Yunnan Province, laid a good foundation for the transfer of scientific and technological achievements in Yunnan Province, and even South Asia and Southeast Asian countries, and injected new scientific and technological innovation vitality for the economic and social development of Yunnan Province.




There are three topics for this forum: the keynote forum; international technology transfer talent exchange and training; and exhibition and exchange activities of scientific and technological achievements. The forum will focus on the goal of “internationalization, specialization, and quality” and insist that “innovation is the first driving force, talent is the first resource”, based in Yunnan Province, serving the whole country and radiating South Asia and Southeast Asia. The forum aims at gathering domestic and foreign scientific and technological talents and achievements resources, widely attracting domestic and foreign excellent technology transfer talents and capital, promoting the transformation of domestic scientific and technological achievements, and promoting project landing and trading, training leading talents of scientific and technological achievements transformation, and accelerating scientific and technological cooperation and communication in Yunnan Province and at home and abroad.


The forum invited several well-known scholars and experts in the industry to delivery keynote lectures about the themes such as technology transfer, technical manager training, scientific and exhibitions and exchanges of technological achievements, including Andrew Francis Sierakowski, Co-Chairman of the ITTN International Committee and Former Chairman of the Australian Knowledge Commercialization Association; Igor Rozhdestvenskii, Co-Founder and board member of the Innovation and Technology Brokers Association, CEO of Martal SPB LLC;and International Technology Transfer Network (ITTN) International Committee member; Stanley Takang Tabi, Head of Patent Operations at Boston Children's Hospital, UNH Law Technology Licensing Instructor; Nicole Amanda Koorbanally, member of the Board of Directors of the South African Research and Innovation Management Association; Suon Sophal, Director of the Asia Pacific Bureau of the Cambodia Investment Promotion Council; Armin Paul Allado, Manila Finance Bureau of the Philippines Chief Market Strategist; Chan Sok Gee, Institute of Chinese Studies, University of Malaysia; BU Xin, President of Xi'an Celeste Biopharmaceutical Investment Consulting Co,Ltd.; YANG Yigang, Founding Managing Partner of WaterStar Capital (Atlanta, Beijing, China); LIU Binqiang, founder and CEO of High-end Intellectual Property Service brand UsinoIP and so on.



It is reported that the 2019 Yunnan International Technology Transfer Forum is an important part of the 4th Yunnan International Talent Exchange Conference hosted by the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government. More than 200 people from the colleges and universities, research institutes or technology transfer centers, incubators, investment and technical service institutions, corporate and government representatives attended the forum.



Translated by: YUN Hailun, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: REN Zhaoying, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

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