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[2019 "Homecoming Week for Alumni"] 1 Million Donation---- KUST Alumni Contributing to Alma Mate

On August 30, 2019, a donation ceremony of ZHAO Chunjiang, an alumnus of KUST, was held at the KUST Alumni Association. ZHAO Chunjiang donated 1 million yuan to the university. Members attending the ceremony included President WANG Xueqin, Vice President YANG Bin, the heads of the Faculty of Metallurgical and Energy Engineering(where ZHAO Chunjiang studied) and representatives of teachers and students.



President WANG Xueqin accepted the donation on behalf of the university and presented a donation certificate to alumnus ZHAO Chunjiang. Vice President YANG Bin and Alumnus ZHAO Chunjiang signed the Donation Agreement.


President WANG Xueqin expressed great appreciation to ZHAO Chunjiang for his love and support for the alma mater. President WANG said that alumnus ZHAO Chunjiang was dedicated and persistent in his professional research and he dared to be the pioneer in doing things and be persevered to them. ZHAO Chunjiang always pays no attention to fame and fortune, but has been in return for his alma mater from the bottom of his heart, explaining with practical actions what are the truly admirable values and the true social responsibilities.



ZHAO Chunjiang said that as an alumnus of KUST, he has a deep feeling for his alma mater. The university has progressed for 65 years, and its achievement today makes the alumni feel immensely proud. As a proverb goes, never forget its root even if a tree stretches thousands of feet high. He hoped that he could make some contributions to the development and construction of his alma mater through the donation and that young students would cherish their time and study hard at learning and research. At the same time, he wished the alma mater to attain fruitful results and achieve a bright future. 


ZHAO Chunjiang, who entered the iron and steel major (ironmaking class) of Kunming Institute of Technology (the predecessor of KUST) in 1978, graduated in July 1982 and worked in Shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel Complex. He went to Japan Kitami Institute of Technology for his further study in 1992 and returned to China in September 2000 to serve as deputy director of the Solar Energy Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University. He became the director of Shanghai Electric Power University in October 2006.


Iron-making Class of 1978-grade undergraduate students, Kunming Institute of Technology



Translated by: LIAO Wenpei, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: REN Zhaoying, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

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