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Training for Intellectual Poverty Alleviation of Poverty-stricken Counties of Yunnan Opened in KUST

On August 27th, the professional training class were opened at Yunnan Institute of Industrial Administrators (YIIA), KUST Chenggong Campus. The training focuses on talents development of human resources and social security of intellectual poverty alleviation in poverty-stricken counties in Yunnan Province. TIAN Jun, Vice Chair of KUST’s Council and Deputy Dean of YIIA, and ZHANG Jintao, Director of Yunnan Provincial Talents Service Center attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches respectively. More than 50 trainees selected from units of human resources and social security of 27 poverty-stricken counties of Yunnan Province participated in the opening ceremony.



TIAN Jun said that the qualities and qualifications of the administrators in the units of human resources and social security will contribute a great deal to the building of talent teams for poverty alleviation in the proverty-stricken counties. Only by cultivating a high-quality talent team, can we ensure the victory in poverty alleviation battle in poverty-stricken counties and areas. KUST and YIIA are confident in and capable of accomplishing the mission of intellectural poverty alleviation in Yunnan’s social and human resources systems and making contributions to the building up of a sizable talent team who are politically-correct, policy-familiar, and proficient in administration. Mr. TIAN emphasized that YIIA should keep in mind its original aspiration and mission, organize the training classes scientifically to ensure the training quality. He also stressed that all the trainees should cherish the training opportunities, bear in mind their training missions, abide by KUST disciplines, study hard, think hard on their own and reflect what they have learned in order to have gains from the courses and make constant progress.


ZHANG Jintao analyzed comprehensively the building of talent teams for intellectual poverty alleviation in Yunnan Province, and emphasized the important role that the building up of the talent teams of human resources and social security departments has played in intellectual poverty alleviation in Yunnan. He demanded that all trainees must readily integrate their professional training with the ongoing campaign themed “staying true to our founding mission”, not only striving to improve their professional capabilities but also their political awareness. He proposed that all the trainees should fully realize the current gaps and limitations in building up the talent teams for intellectual poverty alleviation through comprehensive and professional training, and consolidate the theoretical basis for securing the decisive victory of poverty alleviation battle, so as to make contributions to the final victory in poverty alleviation in all respects throughout Yunnan Province.


The training class will last for 5 days and the instructors of the program include professors, experts and leaders from the Organization Department of the CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee, Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of Yunann Province, and Kunming University of Science and Technology.



Translated by: DU Rui, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: WANG Ying, School of International Education

Issued by: Division of Overseas Cooperation (English)

Source: Yunnan Institute of Industrial Administrators (Chinese)

Edited by: KUST News Center (Chinese)