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KUST Held Opening Ceremony for Grade 2019 Undergraduate Freshmen

On the morning of August 23, KUST held the opening ceremony of Grade 2019 undergraduate freshmen in the gymnasium of Chenggong Campus. University leaders ZHANG Yingjie, WANG Xueqin, TIAN Jun, LI Li, YI Jianhong, TAO Guangrong, ZHOU Fengyue, SHU Hongchun, YANG Bin, XIA Xueshan, and JIANG Xu, who is Party Secretary of the Affiliated Hospital of KUST and the First People's Hospital of Yunnan Province, attended the ceremony and took a seat on the rostrum. The opening ceremony was attended by the heads of relevant functional departments and party committee secretaries, deans, deputy secretaries in charge of student affairs, counselors and Grade 2019 undergraduate freshmen.



Vice President SHU Hongchun presided over the opening ceremony.


This year, KUST recruited a total of 8,858 undergraduate students from all over the country. President WANG Xueqin warmly welcomed them on behalf of over 70,000 teachers and students and 270,000 alumni at home and abroad. He also introduced KUST's 65-year history of construction and development, outstanding scientific research achievements and excellent alumni.



In his speech, President WANG encouraged everyone: "Today, most of the students are 18 years old and you are only 34 years old on average in 16 years by 2035 when our country will basically realize modernization and you will be playing the pivot roles in the construction of our country. You are the luckiest generation and you will be the witnesses, participants, builders and beneficiaries of the achievements in realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. It can be said that the world is yours and also ours, but it is yours in the end! "


"What should the college life be like?" President WANG responded humorously to the students, "there is no standard answer for learning and . Life is no longer just a single choice. Without the guidance of 'Where Is Dad Going', you have to think hard like 'Running Man' on the way to growth. In the university, never let the game catch your soul, never let Tik Tok  make you distracted, never let the delivered food hurt your stomach, or never let the online loans make you cry!” He earnestly hoped that from the first day of being a university student, the students should start from a new beginning, read good books, be good persons, master skills and become talents! Study hard and make progress every day. Go all out, aim high and strive for the best!




President WANG gave three pieces of advice to the freshmen: First, cherish the youth. It is a good time to cherish the college time, cultivate competitiveness to face challenges and also a good time to set up a big goal, widen your view and make great achievements. Second, cherish life. Learn to understand family’s expectations, appreciate teachers' care and cherish friends' friendship; learn to be grateful tolerant, humble and modest and to help others; cultivate elegant taste of life, enrich interests and hobbies, develop artistic skills, and be a person who understands life, loves life, lives in a healthy and happy way. Third, treasure life. When you face with unavoidable difficulties in life, when you may think that society is unfair to you, you still face it calmly, just like NE ZHA in the movie firmly believing that "my life depends on me and not on heaven". You have the final say over who you are!


President WANG hoped that the students would uphold the motto of "Improving the morality, being brave to take the responsibility, pursuing knowledge and striving to practise" and grow up quickly in a youthful passion of “where there is an ambition, there is a way”.



YI Junjie from Faculty of Agriculture and Food delivered a speech as the representative of all the teachers. She provided a magic weapon for the students to spend their college life: studying hard, striving for excellence and persisting in and achieving the goal. "Studying hard" means diligently and tirelessly study, "Striving for excellence " means striving for perfection and achieving perfection. "Persisting in and achieving the goal" refers to accumulating over a long period of time and persevering in learning from easy to difficult and from near to far so as to continuously pursue and develop and make success.



XU Yangting, a 2016-grade information engineering major from Faculty of Information Engineering and Automation also made a speach on behalf of all the students who have studied at KUST for 1 to 3 years and told her junior female and male schoolmates based on his own experience that "in the four year university life, we should make reasonable use of our time, make full use of resources such as libraries and networks, participate in academic lectures and community activities, take the initiative to get involved in more fields, deeply explore our interests, comprehensively enrich our own practice, and strive to be the best of ourselves."




Translated by: SHENG Jie, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: REN Zhaoying, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: KUST News Center