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KUST Wins 1st Prize in 2019 UIA-CBC Int’l Colleges & Universities Competitive Construction Workshop

On August 18th, the 2019 UIA-CBC International Colleges and Universities Competitive Construction Workshop was successfully concluded, which is the only construction competition in China that has been officially recognized and supported by the International Institute of Architects (UIA). It is also one of the largest and highest-ranking international construction competitions at present. The cabin named “Pear Wedge Fun in Dimensional Squares”, Fang Jian Li Qi in Chinese pinyin, built by the joint team of KUST and Slovakia University of Technology, won the first prize in the competition.



The International Colleges and Universities Competitive Construction Workshop, sponsored by the International Institute of Architects (UIA) and officially guided by the Architecture Teaching Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education and, is hosted and organized by the People’s Government of Siyang County, the CBC Architectural Center, the School of Civil Engineering of Tianjin University. The Competition was landed at Guoyuan Village, Aiyuan Town, Siyang County, Jiangsu Province. Themed on “Pear Orchard Cabins”, the Global Urban and Rural Innovation and Development Research Center provides academic support and the School of Architecture and Design of China University of Mining and Technology offers technical support. For the first time, the Workshop adopted the form of “1+1” competition with China’s universities and international universities forming joint teams. Fifteen designs were selected in the preliminary competition from 101 renowned international and domestic universities to enter the on-site construction phase. The jury, composed of well-known architects, scholars and planners at home and abroad, selected and decided on 3 teams as the first prize, 6 teams as the second prize and 6 teams as the third prize.



The joint team, led by Prof. LI Nan and Prof. TAN Liangbin of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of KUST, is composed of 10 students from KUST and 5 students from Slovakia University of Technology. They build the excellent cabin called “Pear Wedge Fun in Dimensional Squares, which is inspired by the Chinese life philosophy of “occasionally going to the end of the water to seek the source, sitting and watching the ever-changing clouds and fog”, returning to the minimalist spatial operation, and placing the minimalist life experience device in a corner of the pear cabins. Based on simplicity and practicality, the cabin changes the spatial combination form of the building to meet the variability of space and the compatibility of function to integrate the subtle relationship between the concise building structure and the natural light so as to achieve the harmony between the architecture and the environment to reflect the interest and happiness of the designers.


It is reported that the International Colleges and Universities Competitive Construction Workshop has been held four times so far. In the first three competitions, the KUST team won one third prize and two excellence awards respectively.



Translated by: DU Yanxia, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: WANG Ying, School of International Education

Source: Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning

Edited by: KUST News Center