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Joint China-Germany Work Camp of Teaching Held by KUST and Dresden University of Technology

A few days ago, KUST and Dresden University of Technology (TU Dresden) jointly launched the Work Camp of Teaching. Ten teachers and students from the Department of Architecture, TU Dresden, came to Kunming University of Science and Technology and participated in a 7-day joint work camp with seven postgraduate students led by XU Hao from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning.



The work camp activities covered learning exchanges, academic lectures and field research in different districts. In the process of teaching, teachers and students from both sides have conducted basic study and gained some knowledge of the current situation of Green Lake (or Cui Hu) district in Kunming, including its historical and cultural relics, road traffic, street space, open space and buildings in the district. At the same time, they centered on the discussion of how space development around Green Lake (or Cui Hu) has changed significantly in the course of modernization in its function and purpose as a result of the rapid development of urbanization in the city center. They also explored how the historical legacy better integrates and coexists with the growing modern living elements, how the space and society in the old city district realize coordinated development and how the historical and cultural relics receive more effective protection.



During the sessions, teachers and students from both sides have made great effort in carrying out teaching research and discussions and academic and cultural exchanges. KUST has successfully completed co-teaching tasks of work camp as home team. Between June 27 and July 5 this year, teachers and students from Kunming University of Science and Technology will go to Germany and conduct teaching work camp in cooperation with TU Dresden as visiting team.



Translated by: SHENG Jie, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: LI Junrong, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Source: Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning

Issued by: Division of Overseas Cooperation (English)

Edited by:KUST News Center