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A KUST Postgraduates' Short-term Overseas Exchange to Thailand

From March 31 to April 7, 2019, in order to promote the construction of " Double- First Class " of KUST, speed up the internationalization of postgraduate education, cultivate top-notch innovative talents with international academic vision, and constantly improve the academic and practical abilities of postgraduate students, the KUST Postgraduate International Academic Exchange Delegation went to Thailand to visit Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep (RMUTK), Dhurakij Pundit University (DPU) and Chulalongkorn University (CU) , carrying out short-term overseas exchange activities for 8 days.



The exchange activity was jointly organized by Graduate School, School of International Education and Division of Overseas Cooperation. The head of the Delegation was the Director of Graduate School LIU Dianwen and members of the Delegation were teachers of Graduate School and School of International Education and 29 postgraduates who were selected by individual application, college recommendation and school interview (Among them, 5 are doctoral students and 24 are postgraduate students.)




The first stop was Asian Institute of Technology, one of the largest Asian international graduate schools. Members of the Delegation audited some courses chosen based on their own majors with the AIT postgraduates , experiencing international postgraduate education methods.


Dr.Eden Woon, President of AIT, held talks with Director LIU Dianwen and the teachers and students of the Delegation. He warmly welcomed the arrival of the exchange delegation, and held that the important historical opportunities of "The Belt and Road Initiative" should be fully grasped to constantly enhance the cooperation and exchange with KUST. 


A preliminary consensus was reached on the mutual assignment of visiting teachers, exchange of postgraduate students, and double degree programs at home and abroad during the symposium, which fully bring out  the possibilities of cooperations between the two universities in postgraduate training and teacher sharing. Director LIU Dianwen also met with Dr. Naveed Anwar, Vice President of AIT.


During the visit to DPU in Thailand, Director LIU Dianwen and the delegators exchanged their views with President Darika Lathapipat of the University and Dr. Nit Petcharaks who is in charge of academic affairs on programs like the exchange of postgraduate students between the two sides and the double degree programs in business.


The delegators also participated in the first ASEAN-China International Academic Conference co--hosted by DPU and KUST. Among which, seven students from the Faculty of Management and Economics, the College of Marxism and the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures made an academic presentation in English. The students listened carefully to the reports from the keynote session and plenary sessions, and interacted with the participants.




The Delegation also visited RMUTK. Director LIU Dianwen held talks with Dr. Prattana Srisuk, Dean of International College, Dr. Phaitoon Polasen, Vice-dean, and Dr.Surachai Traiwannakij. The project of postgraduate exchange and co-construction of the dual master's programs were discussed in depth.


During the exchange at RMUTK, the Delegation was in time for the annual celebration of "Songkran Festival", which is held in the Thai New Year. Twenty-nine graduate students were invited to participate in the event and deeply experienced the culture and customs of Thailand.


The Delegation also visited the innovation base of the Federation of Thai Industries and Thai Branch, Siam Fitting Company  to gain a better knowledge of the innovation activities of the base and the production process, product types and sales of Thai Branch, Siam Fitting Company.


The Delegation also visited the CU and its Museum, and gained a better understanding of the development history and its disciplinary characteristics of CU.


This event is the second short-term overseas exchange activity following last year's exchange in Thailand. According to the feedback from the students participated in the activity, this short-term outbound exchange activity is of great necessity. Although time is short, the content is rich and distinctive, which not only broadens the academic horizon of the students, but also improves their international academic exchange ability. In the future, KUST will continue to promote short-term overseas exchange projects for postgraduates, expand the scope and depth of the exchange, and create more opportunities for more postgraduates to enhance their international academic vision and enrich their academic ideas.



Translated by: YUN Hailun, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: REN Zhaoying, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Source: School of International Education

Issued by: Division of Overseas Cooperation(English)

Edited by:KUST News Center