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KUST Faculty Participated in Poverty Alleviation Activity in Lancang

The Poverty Alleviation Activity, namely the "Red Journey for Youths’ Dreams" led by the director of the Higher Learning Department of the Ministry of Education was launched from March 20th-22th in order to implement the important spirit of General Secretary XI Jinping’s reply to the college students from the "Red Journey for Youths’ Dreams" participated in the "Internet +" College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, to exercise their volition and stimulate their passion for entrepreneurship. , The team of “Poverty Alleviation Pioneer, Dreamer in the Deep Mountain” from Kunming University of Science and Technology also participated in the event as one of the 17 teams.



Director WU expressed his ardent hope for the team of "Red Journey for Youths’ Dreams". He emphasized that education should act as a permanent cure for the transmission of poverty between generations and hoped that the teachers and students of the team of "Red Journey for Youths’ Dreams" could contribute themselves to the development of rural areas like Lincang, Yunnan Province.


The team of “Poverty Alleviation Pioneer, Dreamer in the Deep Mountain” from KUST started with the KUST’s graduates’ returning home to start up their businesses in July 2016, with the advantages of the university’s professional merits and the high-quality resources of Lincang chicken, and instructed the poor households to greatly develop Lincang chicken breeding. The team worked carefully in Lincang mountainous areas to help Lincang people to eradicate poverty with the idea of setting an example for the farmers, working with the farmers and helping the farmers do marketing and get rich. At present, the food brand of “Yunzhouji” has been established, with the investment of more than 5 million yuan and the annual sales amount of more than 5 million yuan in 2018. Ten professional cooperatives for chicken breeding and 10 farms have been built, which has helped  more than 150 poor households  to be benefited from  the activity directly or indirectly.



Translated by: LANG Yawen, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: REN Zhaoying, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Issued by: Division of Overseas Cooperation(English)

Source: Asset Management Company(Chinese)

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