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KUST Held Opening Ceremony of the 8th Short-Term Cultural Experience Program for Singapore NP

On March 5, 2019, KUST held the opening ceremony of “the 8th Short-term Cultural Experience Program for Singapore Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP)” in the Learning and Teaching Building at Chenggong Campus. 5 teachers and 47 students from NP took part in this program. The leaders and teachers from the School of International Education, KUST also participated in the opening ceremony.



Since 2015 when we welcomed the first group of teachers and students from NP to KUST for the program, we have successfully held seven sessions and attracted 420 teachers and students to participate. During the over one-month program, KUST has arranged for NP teachers and students a variety of Chinese culture experience courses and some visits in and out of the campus, including visits to the Yunnan Provincial Museum, the Ancient Town of Guandu, Stone Forest as well as Dali and Lijiang.


As one of the key countries along the “Belt and Road”, Singapore enjoys a worldwide reputation for its high-quality education and plays an important role in the “Belt and Road” education initiative. To take advantage of this, the School of International Education of KUST and the NP of Singapore jointly held the Short-term Cultural Experience program with the aim to strengthen the practical experience of NP students, provide a good platform for the younger generation in Singapore to better understand the Chinese civilization and the traditional Chinese culture and offer KUST students a valuable chance to expand global perspective and develop their international communication abilities. In the meantime, a program of this kind helps to create a favorable international atmosphere at the campus and plays a positive role in bringing KUST to the world.



Translated by: WU Shuo, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: REN Zhaoying, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

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