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Mental Health Supporting Education & Poverty Alleviation Activities by KUST Launched in Lianghe

Lianghe No.1 Middle School, located in Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture in the southwest of Yunnan Province, is one of the counterpart support institution of poverty alleviation of KUST. In the past 15 years, KUST has been dispatching young teachers to Lianghe No.1 Middle School to help with the improvement of its education quality and school-running facilities.



     From Feb, 23rd to 27th, Prof. YANG Yuyu, a mental health counseling expert, and her research team, gave lectures on mental health counseling and education for the teachers, the parents and the students in Lianghe No. 1 Middle School. This activity is implemented under the guidance and support of Yunnan Educational Logistics Association and Poverty Alleviation Office of KUST.


     In Lianghe No. 1 Middle School, Prof. YANG and her team gave two lectures on mental health education to help the students adjust their learning strategies and deal with emotional problems so that they can better adapt to high school life. Then, the team gave lectures on mental health education for the teachers and the parents, helping them better understand what roles they can play in the growth of the students and how they can be helpful in guiding the students to cultivate a healthy mental state. Prof. YANG and her team also provided the teachers with methods and suggestions to overcome the job burnout problems. Meanwhile, the team offered group or private mental psychological counseling for the teachers and students and parents there. They held seminars to help the students improve mutual understanding and relationship between classmates and enhance the students’ sense of being proud in the same class. These seminars laid the foundation for the sound development of the classes and individuals, helping the students to promote abilities of self-discovery and self-expression.



     The teachers and students in Lianghe No.1 Middle School said that such activities were meaningful and they hoped there would be more activities like this. Thanks to Yunnan Educational Logistics Association and joint efforts of the whole volunteer research team, the activity achieved great success in promoting the healthy psychological growth of the students in Lianghe No. 1 Middle School. It also contributed to KUST’s poverty alleviation undertakings in education and health, which provided impetus to the healthy metal development of the students in poverty-stricken areas.



Translated by: MEI Lei, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: WANG Ying, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Issued by: Division of International Cooperation (English)

Source: Poverty Alleviation Office of KUST (Chinese) 

Edited by: KUST News Center (Chinese)