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Young & Middle-aged Backbone Teachers Completed Short-term Training at CUT

Recently, the Personnel Division and Division of Overseas Cooperationof KUST selected 18 young and middle-aged backbone teachers from 9 faculties to Clausthal University of Technology(CUT) in Germany for a 42-day training in teaching ability.




     During the training period, the teachers of KUST learnd the history and philosophy of German higher education, teaching methods and training mechanism of CUT through forum, seminars, and discussions. They visited 17 institutes and laboratories, 4 interdisciplinary research centers, 2 invisible champion enterprises, as well as the World Cultural Heritage : Rammelsberg Mine and Oberharz Mine, Bureau of Lower Saxony and the mining museum, and had a comprehensive understanding of the German education system and CUT. Combining with their own teaching and research fields, the teachers of KUST learned a lot. By making research reports, they made an analysis on the education system among Chinese and German universities, and learned how to cultivate high-quality talents with independent thinking, self-learning and innovation ability.




     This training project for the teaching ability of young and middle-aged backbone teachers is the first cooperation project between KUST and CUT. The implementation of this project has further promoted the internationalization of KUST and laid a good foundation for inter-university exchanges and cooperation. It also shows our determination to promote the internationalization process, create a team of highly qualified and innovative teachers,  and optimize the teaching mode. These teachers bring their strengths into full play and apply the advanced teaching concepts and methods learned at CUT to personnel training, teaching and scientific research, so as to make more teaching and scientific research achievements.




     During the training period, the project was followed by local media.



Translated by: SHEN Yanfang, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: Prof. GAO Mei, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Source: Faculty of Land Resources Engineering (Chinese)

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