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KUST Students’ Participation in 2nd International Student Cultural Exchange Week in Yunnan Province

The second international student cultural exchange week was successfully held in Dali and Mile, Yunnan, from December 3 to December 6. Fifteen international students and six Chinese volunteers from KUST participated in the event, whose theme was gathering in Yunnan to protect the environment and keep youth all together. It was jointly sponsored by the Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Yunnan provincial education department, the foreign affairs office of people's government of Yunnan Province, and the union of students of Yunnan and hosted by Dali state Committee, Honghe state Committee, Dali university, and Yunnan Urban and Rural Construction Investment Co., Ltd.



At the opening ceremony, dancing from various nations brought by the international students from KUST ignited the atmosphere on the spot. During the event, the delegation of international students visited Dali University for culture exchange. They also Joined the Yunnan youth volunteer service team for eco - environmental Protection, took part in  the hiking to protect the Erhai Lake's environment, as well as planting trees surrounding the Erhai Lake to involve in international youth forests. In addition, they experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy in Dali Nursing Vocational College, visited Dong fengyun scenic spot of Mile in Honghe State and created newspaper sculptures made of newspaper with the theme of "animal protection”. At the closing ceremony, representatives of international students from KUST shared their experiences in studying in China, told their " Yunnan story", expressed their love for Yunnan as well as talking about their future and dreams.


The international student cultural exchange week was a specific event organized by Yunnan Province on the basis of the construction of " the belt and road initiative". Through various events such as theatrical performances, study tours, folk experiences, exchanges and sharing, it aimed to strengthen mutual learning and exchanges between young students in central and western Yunnan, enhance cultural understanding and recognition, guide international students in Yunnan to actively integrate into the construction of " the belt and road initiative" and make positive contributions to make Yunnan become a radiation center facing South Asia and Southeast Asia.



Translated by: DUAN Yanyan, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: Prof. CHE Yongping, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Source: School of International Education (Chinese)

Issued by: Division of Overseas Cooperation (English)

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