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KUST Guangxi Alumni Association Contributes to Guilin's Economic Development

On November 29th, the “Unmanned Rice Noodles Shop - Guilin Rice Noodles Cooking and Selling All-in-one Intelligent Machine Project Promotion Conference” was held in Guilin international Convention and Exhibition Center. The conference was jointly organized by Guilin National High-tech Zone Management Committee, Guilin Qixing District Government and Kunming University of Science and Technology(KUST) Guangxi Alumni Association. Vice Mayor FAN Xinhong of Guilin Municipal Government, KUST Vice President NIU Zhiliang and Vice Chairman ZHENG Yi of Guilin the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) presented the event.




CUI Mengjia, president of KUST Guangxi Alumni Association and Party Secretary of CPPCC of Guilin Wanhe Agricultural Products Co., Ltd., introduced that the project was developed by the Alumni Enterprise Team of KUST in Guilin. It aims to improve the production of Guilin rice noodles and make a breakthrough in its preservation. The foundation has been laid for conducting the “Unmanned Rice Noodles Shop” project. It will integrate intelligent manufacturing with local characteristic industries to develop Guilin rice noodles industry and transfor it from the “small specialty” to “big industry”. This project not only proves a technical upgrading, but also closely conforms to our fast-speed life and breaks through the bottleneck of traditional dining methods. And it contributes to manage the industry in an intensive, large-scale and industrialized way. It enjoys a great significant part in the progress, upgrading and development of the industry, and gives a full play to Guilin's regional and human resources advantages. The economic development and the comprehensive competitiveness of Guilin have been enhanced as well.


The conference effectively played the role of the carrier set up by KUST local alumni association and the local government. It was a high-quality project jointly explored through enthusiastic matchmaking, information communication, exchange of experience, cohesion of various forces, integration of social resources. It is a practical fruits from the efforts of KUST Guangxi Alumni Association of actively infusing into Guilin's overall economic development relying on alumni’s resources.


The participants include the people from the Alumni Affairs and Social Cooperation Office of KUST, the relevant departments of Guilin municipal authorities and the Qixing District of Hi-tech Zone, the delegates from the Party organizations of the two new organizations, the enterprises in Guilin Rice Noodles Industry, and the pilot units of the project, banks and other financial institutions.



Translated by: TAI Jinxia, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: Prof. CHE Yongping, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

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