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KUST Hosted 1st Invitational Tournament for Young Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship of YTETCCS

The 1st Invitational Tournament for Young Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship of 2018 Yunnan-Taiwan Economic, Trade and Cultural Cooperation Symposium(YTETCCS) was successfully held in Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST), which aims to promote exchanges among students from Yunnan and Taiwan, and open a new chapter of promoting joint innovation and entrepreneurship among young students from both sides of the Taiwan Strait.




The judging panel consists of 7 experts from Yunnan and Taiwan. After the participants' presentation, the judges raised questions and the participants answered them. Finally,the judging panel selected one of the grand prize, two of the first prize, three of the second prize, four of the third prize and ten of the excellence award. The participants of KUST won the grand prize for the project "Turing Painting - Artificial Intelligent Wall Painting Robot Based on Microsoft Cloud" and the second prize for the project "Intelligent High Voltage Wire Induction Electricity Warning Ball".


LI Pei, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Yunnan Provincial People’s Congress and SHU Hongchun, Vice President of KUST attended the awards ceremony to present awards to the winners.




It is reported that the preliminary heats of the invitational tournament were held in Yunnan and Taiwan, and there were 20 projects from 10 universities entering the final. They are KUST, Yunnan University (YNU), Yunnan Normal University(YNNU), Yunnan Minzu University(YMU), Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (YNUTCM), Chung Hua University(CHU), National Taipei University of Business(NTUB), Taipei City University of Science and Technology(TPCU), Chung Yuan Christian University(CYCU), Yuan Ze University(YZU). These projects have features of Yunnan and Taiwan, and are closely connected with eight key industries in Yunnan, including biomedicine and health, tourism, information, modern logistics, modern agriculture in plateau, new materials, advanced equipment manufacturing and food and consumer goods manufacturing. The youth from the two sides of the strait performed well in the invitational tournament.



Before the invitational tournament, KUST also carried out the youth maker exchanges activity. Under the leadership of Prof. LIN Jinhuang from Chung Hua University of Taiwan. The students from KUST and Taiwan’s Universities completed all tasks of this activity.



Translated by: SHEN Yanfang, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: Prof. GAO Mei, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Source: Office of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Affairs

Issued by: Division of Overseas Cooperation

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