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President WANG Xueqin Meets NIIT Limited Senior Vice President Kamal Dhuper

On the afternoon of November 13, Mr. Kamal Dhuper, Country Head of the National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT)  China Limited and Senior Vice President of NIIT and President of the NIIT Greater China, made a special trip to Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST). KUST President WANG Xueqin together, with Vice President YI Jianhong and the relevant person, meet with the delegates. The meeting were chaired by Vice President YI Jianhong.



KUST President WANG Xueqin firstly welcomed and thanked President Kamal Dhuper and the delegation for their special visit on cooperation negotiation after listening to Kamal’s brief introduction to NIIT and Vice President XU Haifeng’s cooperation proposals. President WANG said that Indian software industry is well-developed. NIIT, as one of the top 20 talent training companies in the world, contributes a lot to train IT workers and develop IT industry in India and worldwide. He added NIIT has maintained good cooperative relations with the governments, software parks and institutions of higher learning in Chongqing, Guizhou, Suzhou, Haikou and Qingdao since it entered China in 1997, which has established advanced training centers to train high-quality computer talents for these provinces and cities and accumulated useful experience. KUST has capacities to conduct the training and scientific research of computer professionals which is second to none in Yunnan province and ranks at a high level in China. All those have laid a solid foundation for both sides to give full play to their advantages and start cooperation combining with the accumulated experience of KUST in school-running. President WANG put forward three suggestions for the cooperation. Firstly, to clarify the situation and gain experience, KUST should arrange it's relevant departments to investigate NIIT's successful cooperation with domestic universities asap. Secondly, to put forward practical advice and suggestions for the future cooperation between KUST and NIIT based on the investigation. Thirdly, KUST and NIIT can innovate the training methods and actively explore the possibility of extensive cooperation in the fields of personnel and talent training, software development, certificate authentication, cloud-classroom practice, curriculum system construction. etc. The two sides can work out the short-medium-and-long-term plans for future cooperation based on the full and clear communication. Meanwhile, the two sides should give top priority to choose one or two specific fields to start cooperation asap, and then constantly accumulate experience and broaden the cooperation in new fields.


KUST and NIIT conducted practical and frank exchanges and discussions on the cooperation mode and disciplines, curriculum design, teaching material selection, teaching arrangement, enrollment plan and other related issues.


As a world-famous enterprise in IT training, software development, big data processing and cloud application, NIIT is widely recognized for its technical training and software development. It has established the subsidiary in China District (China Limited) in 1997 and set up training bases in various local governments and universities. The cooperation between KUST and NIIT helps to cultivate IT talents with high-quality through its advantages, professions and experience in China, to develop the IT industry, which is one of the eight key industries in Yunnan, and to radiate and widen the cooperation to the neighboring countries border on Yunnan province.


Participants include ones from the Division of Overseas Cooperation, Academic Affairs Office, Alumni Work and Social Cooperation Office, School of International Education, Faculty of Information Engineering and Automation and other departments (colleges).


Translated by: TAI Jinxia, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: ZONG Bingqing, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Issued by: Division of Overseas Cooperation (Chinese)

Source: Division of Overseas Cooperation

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