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President WANG Xueqin Visited Universities in Singapore

From Oct. 24 to Oct. 25, President WANG Xueqin led a delegation to visit Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Ngee Ann Polytechnic Institute (NAPI) in Singapore to learn the experience and practices of world-class universities and first-class disciplines.

     On Oct. 24, President WANG led a delegation to visit NTU in Singapore, taking the computer science and technology discipline as an example to learn the world-class discipline and its talent training. He had a discussion with the administrators from computer science and engineering. The administrators briefly introduced the talent incentive measures in promoting the development of scientific research and innovation, and introduced in details the research direction of the college in the development of AI artificial intelligence, and displayed the development of the world's major scientific research projects in information science as well as main achievements. During the discussion, President WANG pointed out that NTU is a research-intensive university awarded “the world's top young universities” for many years. It has unique successful experiences and practices that are worthy of KUST in promoting national scientific and technological innovation and talent cultivation. He hopes that the two universities will take this visit as the chance to further strengthen contacts and actively explore the cooperation and exchange in joint education, teacher-student exchange, students’ joint training and AI artificial intelligence R&D platform. Efforts of two countries will contribute to the strategic cooperation between Singapore and Yunnan Province.

     On Oct. 25, President WANG led a delegation to visit the Ngee Ann Polytechnic Institute (NAPI) in Singapore. Mr. Chen Weiming, the President Assistant of NAPI, attended the symposium, including the relevant persons in charge and senior consultants from the International Department and the Engineering College. Mr. Chen Weiming extended a warm welcome to President WANG and his colleagues, and highly evaluated the “short-term cultural experience project” that has been launched by two universities since 2015. After listening to the basic situation of NAPI and the students' experience in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, President WANG expressed his gratitude to NAPI for the careful arrangement and thoughtful service. He pointed out that the relevant initiatives and plans of NAPI to cultivate students' global vision and internationalization ability are distinctive and effective. He hopes that the two universities further expands the areas and channels of cooperation and exchange, continuing to build on the sources of existing cultural experience projects, and enhancing the participation of students from different levels and different majors. At the same time, relying on the rich experience accumulated by both universities in innovation and entrepreneurship education, we will deeply explore and promote the joint establishment of “Double Innovative Education and Training Base”, strengthen the interaction between teachers and students, and achieve the goal of complementarity and mutual benefit for a greater degree.

After the symposium, President WANG and his colleagues visited the navigation hall, the student entrepreneurship event and the maker space at NAPI.

     The relevant staffs accompanied the visit who are from the School of International Education, Division of Overseas Cooperation, the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and the School Office.



Translated by: LI Yizhu, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: Prof. GAO Mei , Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Issued by: Division of Overseas Cooperation

Source: the School Office & School of International Education