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The First Technician Training Session for Yunnan Tin Group (Holding) Company Ltd. Completed at KUST

On the afternoon of September 19th , the commencement ceremony of the First Session of Technician Training Project for Yunnan Tin Group Ltd. was held at the Chenggong campus of KUST. 90 trained technicians were awarded the certificates. The ceremony was hosted jointly by KUST Yunnan Institute of Industrial Administrations (YIIA) and Human Resources Department of Yunnan Tin Group Ltd..




Thanks to the strategic cooperation between KUST and Yunnan Tin Group Ltd., the first session of the technician training project was successfully implemented in September, 2018. According to the Project, 600 technicians from Yunnan Tin Group Ltd. will be selected to participate in the training program from September to November, 2018 successively at KUST with courses integrating the specialized fields of mining, mineral processing, machinery, electrical engineering, metallurgical engineering, chemical engineering and environmental engineering.


Yunnan Institute of Industrial Administrations and the Human Resources Department of Yunnan Tin Group Ltd. jointly accomplished the training program for the first session. From September 10 to 20, 90 technicians from Yunnan Tin Group Ltd. completed the required specialized courses offered by YIIA in the field of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Mining Engineering and were awarded the certificates. The courses  include Lectures on Situations and Policies, Academic Frontier studies, Smart Manufacturing, Processing and Equipment, and Comprehensive Quality Education. For the purpose of guaranteeing training quality, experts and professors were committed to instruct the training courses and multiple training methods such as classroom instruction, case studies, on-site teaching, interactive teaching, experiential teaching were adopted. During the training, the technicians being trained were offered to visit KUST laboratories. The in-depth exchange and discussion with professional teachers not only broadened the trainees’ visions by enhancing their understanding of certain professional knowledge, but also offered them an opportunity to exchange ideas with the teachers and work out the solutions to the difficult problems they were once facing at the production front line. By doing so, the training program has truly achieved the aim of mutual learning and mutual improvement between the teachers and the trainees, thus expanding the new space for further school-enterprise cooperation between KUST and Yunnan Tin Group Ltd.. 



Translated by: SHEN Yanfang, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: Prof. WANG Ying, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Source: Yunnan Institute of Industrial Administrators

Issued by: Division of Overseas Cooperation

Edited by: KUST News Center (Chinese)