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KUST Teacher and Student Volunteers Participating in Wu Zhi Qiao Charitable Project

On August 17th, the completion ceremony of “Wu Zhi Qiao of Wujihou Village” Project was held in Liguang County, Yunnan province. The ceremony aimed to celebrate the construction of a steel bridge spanning 18 meters in the mountain. The distinguished guests attending the ceremony were: Ms. JI Wenfeng, the founder and volunteer secretary of Wu Zhi Qiao Charitable Foundation; Professor WU Xun, the supervisor of Wu Zhi Qiao project team of Tongji University, Mr. LI Nan, the supervisor of Wu Zhi Qiao project team of KUST, WANG Jiafu, the representative of the University of Hong Kong, and the student volunteer of Sichuan University, FENF Jinglong, the Party Secretary of Liguang Village and HUANG Qingzhong, the director of the village and many other  representatives of the Poverty Alleviation Office of Yulong County.




The Wujihou project started in March 2017. After arriving at the village, the volunteers taking part in Wu Zhi Qiao project found that it was hard to cross the river on the old wooden ones. Sponsored by the Home Affairs Bureau of the HKSAK and the Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation, they decided to build an 18-meter steel bridge here to replace the narrow and slippery wooden one. The project gained support from the governments of all levels in Yunnan Province and the village committee of Liguang Village.




On August 12, 2018, more than 50 volunteers from Tongji University, KUST, Hong Kong University, and Sichuan University arrived at Liming Village, and they were accomadated at Liguang Primary School. They first built a temporary construction platform beside the bridge and then carried the bailey panels, false floors and pulley to the bridge and stored the apparatus here in the platform. The main construction was launched after everything was assured to be safe.


The construction area is nearly half an hour's drive from the primary school and the mountain road is dangerous and bumpy. When it rains, the detritus may fall from the mountain. Every morning, some volunteers went to the bridge construction site by bus while the others went on foot, but in the evening when they came back to the school, they would alternate with each other.


All the volunteers participated in the construction of the bridge after arriving at the primary school. They cooperated with each other  and spent only two days in the completion of the bridge.


On the third day, they mainly worked on the detailed inspection of the bridge, painting, installation of street lamps and fixed bridge steles.


The volunteers also helped to improve local people's livelihood. They  painted colorful hopscotch patterns in the corner of Liguang Primary School, added cobblestone paths and recreational facilities in the open areas next to the village committee building, and completed the building of furnaces and stairs of the primary school with the assistance of the construction team. They also helped the poor households to repair their electrical circuits. 



Translated by: WU Shuo, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: Prof. WANG Ying, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Issued by: Division of Overseas Cooperation

Source: Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning(Chinese)

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