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2018 Freshmen Opening Ceremony

KUST held a grand opening ceremony for the 2018 freshmen on the morning of August 22 at the No. 2 Stadium on Chenggong Campus. Up to more than 12,000 people attended the ceremony, including leaders of KUST, ZHANG Yingjie, WANG Xueqin, TIAN Jun, LI Li, NIU Zhiliang, YI Jianhong, TAO Guangrong, SHU Hongchun, YUAN Xiping and JIANG Lihong, the Director of No.1 People’s Hospital of Yunnan Province, as well as the persons in charge of departments, the students’ advisers, and 2018 undergraduate and postgraduate students.




The opening ceremony was hosted by Vice President YI Jianhong.


On behalf of more than 70,000 teachers and students as well as 270,000 alumni at home and abroad, President WANG Xueqin expressed his heartfelt blessings and warmest welcome to the 2018 freshmen. In addition, he introduced KUST’s history of development, its outstanding scientific research achievements and honorable alumni. President WANG delivered a speech entitled Being Honest and Honorable, and Being an Innovative Student in the New Era to the freshmen, encouraged students to make contributions to the country and the society, and shoulder the responsibility.




From his own experience at university, President WANG exhorted the freshmen to be diligent, honest and innovative. There are encouraging words in his speech, for example, “Where there is a will, there is a way”, “Integrity is the passport of the faithful”, “Making no efforts to have your own solution instead of believing in authority and standard answers”, etc. He hoped that the freshmen would follow the example of Prof. Feng Jing from Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering to study hard and have a bright future.




At the opening ceremony, Vice President NIU Zhiliang read out the award list for the 2nd Excellent Undergraduate Freshmen of KUST. The leaders on the rostrum presented awards to the winners.




WU Jiande, professor from Institute of Intellectual Property Development, LI Zheng, postgraduate from School of Arts and Media, and YE Zipeng, freshman representative from School of Architecture and Urban Planning, gave speech at the ceremony, encouraging the freshmen to cherish the time and pursue the dreams.



Translated by: DUAN Yanyan, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Edited by: Prof. GAO Mei, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

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