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Launching Ceremony of Institute of Physics and Engineering Science Held at KUST

On the afternoon of May 29th, the launching ceremony of the Institute of Physics and Engineering Science was held at the KUST Chenggong Campus. At the ceremony, Prof. LI Baowen, an Elected Member of Academia Europaea (MAE; The Academy of Europe) , was appointed as Honorary Dean of the Institute of Physics and Engineering Science. WANG Xueqin, the President of KUST, and SHU Hongchun, the Vice President of KUST, attended the ceremony. Prof. CAI Jinming from the Facullty of Materials Science and Engineering, a member of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts(also known as “The Thousand Talents Plan”), attended the ceremony.



KUST President WANG Xueqin made an opening speech at the launching ceremony. He congratulated Prof. LI Baowen on his being appointed as Honorary Dean of the Institute of Physics and Engineering Science. He hoped that under Academician LI's leadership, the Institute would attract and cultivate more high-end talents to build a high-level scientific research team, and motivate more younger teachers to participate in international academic exchanges and cooperation. He suggested that the Institute hold the annual summer sessions at KUST to attract more high-level scientists from home and abroad to carry out academic activities together and impart new ideas and methods to KUST faculty fellows and students for their academic development. He believed that with all these efforts, KUST will be able to improve its internationalization of education, enhance its international influence and reputation in academic frontiers, thus promoting its construction of “Double First-Class (world-class universities and first-class disciplines) ” Project

Professor SHU Hongchun, Vice President of KUST, said that KUST will spare no efforts to create favorable scientific researching conditions for Academician LI's team. He hoped that under the leadership of Prof. LI, the faculty members of the Institute will have firm confidence in independent innovations and the bravery to blaze trails so as to make the Institute an innovative platform with a wider-spread influence internationally. 

    At the launching ceremony, Academician LI Baowen said that in order to help KUST realize the dream of “making first-class scientific research take root in Yunnan province”, he and his team will build a new platform to conduct world-class interdisciplinary research by integrating KUST's distinctive advantages and achievements in science and engineering with the globally innovative ideas and advanced methods. He also noted that depending on this platform, the team will carry out an increasing number of innovative research in the areas of statistical physics and complex system theory, phononics and engineering, ultra-materials (metamaterials) physics and engineering, and quantum computing science and engineering.

    After the ceremony, Academician LI Baowen, KUST Vice President SHU Hongchun, Prof. CAI Jinming and several other directors or deans of KUST faculties or departments held a talk and exchanged ideas on the problems of the talents recruitment, the research planning and the laboratory construction.


A Brief Introduction to Prof. LI Baowen 

Rennie Family Endowed Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder

Faculty Director ofCollege of Engineering and Applied Science

Elected Member of Academia Europaea (the Academy of Europe) (MAE).

Fellow of APS (American Physical Society)

Research Interests: Phononics and Thermal Metamaterials; Phononics: Manipulating and Controlling Heat Flow with Electronic Analogs; Heat transfer and thermal management; Probing Techniques/Methods of Phonons/Heat; Acoustical and Thermal Meta-materials; Acoustic Waves in Random/Turbulent Media; Quantum Computation and Quantum Memory by Phonons; Complex Networks; Inverse Scattering problem

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Written and translated by: XIE Aiwen, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Editedby: WANG Ying, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Source:  Division of Personnel, Faculty of Science (Chinese)

Issued by: Division of Overseas Cooperation