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Industry-University-Research Cooperation between KUST and Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Co., Ltd.

KUST delegates, under the leadership of WANG Xueqin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST) , TIAN Jun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of KUST, and Vice President YUAN Xiping, visited Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Co, Ltd (hereafter referred to as TNMG) from May 18th to 19th. They made a study on industry-university-research cooperation with TNMG and discussed with the people in charge of the Group’s Techonology Center and its subordinate companies.

On May 18th, two parties made a deep discussion on certain issues related to the technical difficulties and the needs of research and development of the relevant fields including mining, beneficiation, metallurgy, energy and copper-based materials, and identified 20 priorities for research and development (R&D) cooperation at the first stage

On the morning of May 19th, a symposium was held by both parties. Deputy General Manager XU Wuqi, Deputy General Manager DING Shiqi and General Manager Assistant ZHOU Jun of TNMG attended and shared their views at the symposium.



At the meeting, Prof. WANG Xueqin, on behalf of KUST, expressed his gratitude to the group. He also congratulated on TNMG’s development and appreciated outstanding KSUT alumni working in the Group. He pointed out that the exchange and cooperation between two parties had a special tie and will have a bright future. He hoped that both parties would further exert their own advantages, broaden cooperation fields and channels, and continuously deepen the cooperation in scientific and technological innovation, talent training, major key technological research, and construction of scientific and technological R&D platforms in the nonferrous metal industry. As a result, the target can be achieved of mutual benefit and joint development at a higher level, making greater contributions to the development of the nonferrous metal industry.

Deputy General Manager XU Wuqi welcomed KUST’s visit for cooperation and thanked KUST for its guidance and problem solving in the R&D. He required all the departments and subordinate companies sort out the technical difficulties needed to be overcome in the aspects including nonferrous-metal exploration, ore dressing and grinding technology, harmless treatment of tailings and recycling, metallurgical energy-saving and emission reduction, deep processing of copper materials, new energy materials, and metallurgical intelligence equipment, and make a proposal for the cooperative needs to KUST and discuss with KUST as soon as possible, to reach an agreement with KUST, to deepen the cooperative relationship and to ensure the implementation of the cooperation project, providing strong scientific and technological innovation support for the sound and sustainable development of the Group.

Persons in charge of President Office, Division of Research Administration, Alumni Office, Faculty of Land Resources Engineering, Faculty of Material Science and Engineering, Faulty of Metallurgical and Energy Engineering and Institute of Industrial Administrators and relevant research teachers participated in the study.


                 (Translated and Edited by Division of Overseas Cooperation

& Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures)