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KUST Party Secretary Prof. ZHANG Yingjie and Vice President YUAN Xiping Met the Alumni in Beijing

On April 21st Prof. ZHANG Yingjie, Chair of KUST University Council, and Prof. YUAN Xiping, Vice President of KUST, met some alumni in Beijing. They had a good talk on the development of the alumni association and the alma mater.

Prof. ZHANG said that KUST, located in the Southwest border region of China, made efforts to serve our nation  in many fields, and received praises from President XI Jinping. She added these achievements may not have been made without our alumni’s efforts.On behalf of the alma mater, she expressed heartfelt thanks and best wishes to all alumni. She also appreciated the great contribution the Beijing alumni association and its members had made to the alma mater over the years and wished the association a brighter future.

Prof. YUAN reviewed the history of Beijing alumni association. He said that it was the support from the alma mater and many alumni that brought a stable growth of the association. In order to continue the development of the association and gather more alumni together, he hoped to conduct the election at expiration of service term within the year, and encouraged more advice from the alumni.

The alumni present actively expressed their determination of perfecting their identity as “the graduates of KUST”. 


                  (Translated and Edited by Division of Overseas Cooperation

& Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures)