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KUST Held the First English (Bilingual) Teaching & Teachers Development Program Opening Ceremony

On the morning of April 9, the opening ceremony of the First English (Bilingual) Teaching & Teachers Development Program of Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST) was held on Chenggong Campus. SHU Hongchun, vice president of KUST, Ms. LUO Siyi, from the Cultural and Education Section of the British Consulate-General, as well as 28 teachers from 18 faculties and relevant directors attended the opening ceremony.

Vice president SHU Hongchun emphasized this training is intended not only to improve teachers’ skill , but also  to advance teaching methods. The training mainly focuses on the "student-oriented" teaching method and capability. He hopes to jointly build the learning community for this training, continuously promote the teaching reform and innovation, and make more contributions to the talent training of our school.

The training is a significant action of KUST with aims at inspiration of teachers' enthusiasm on education, promotion of teachers’ professional ability, and improvement of the quality of teacher and talent training.

(Translated and Edited by Division of Overseas Cooperation

& Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures)