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KUST-RMIT International Joint Research Center Inaugurated

On the morning of March 26, the KUST-RMIT International Joint Research Center for Mineral Resources Utilization and New Energy Technology, jointly established by Kunming University of Science and Technology(KUST) and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), was inaugurated at C. C. Wu Hall. Prof. ZHANG Yingjie, secretary of the CPC Party committee of KUST, Prof. YANG Bin, vice president of KUST, Prof. Miao Chen and Prof. Roger Horn, representatives of RMIT, attended the signing and unveiling ceremony.



Prof. ZHANG Yingjie, and Prof. Russell Crawford, RMIT’s authorized representative, jointly unveiled the International Joint Research Center.


KUST and RMIT will work closely on new energy technology, battery research and development, mineral resources processing and secondary resource recycling. Besides, the two universities will jointly undertake research projects, organize academic conferences and carry out international academic exchanges.



Prof. YANG Bin, and Prof. Russell Crawford signed the cooperative memorandum of understanding on behalf of each side, laying a good foundation for the future cooperation on project research and development, science and technology projects, joint graduate program, and academic activities. The cooperation plays a positive role in leading KUST more international, furthering international cooperation in science and technology and talent training, and enhancing KUST’s international competitiveness.


(Translated and Edited by Division of Overseas Cooperation

& Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures)