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KUST Postgraduate's Paper Published in EES

DONG Tiantian, a postgraduate from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering of Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST), published a paper named A multifunctional polymer electrolyte enables ultra-long cycle-life in a high-voltage lithium metal battery in the Energy & Environmental Science (EES).

The research is said to be completed jointly by JIA Qingming’s team of Faculty of Chemical Engineering of KUST and CUI Guanglei’s team of the Qingdao Institute of Biomass Energy and Bioprocess Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. KUST is the paper’s first affiliated institution.

JIA Qingming’s team has been engaged in the research on the smelting, chemical flue gas CO2 and SO2, capture and utilization of recent years. His research focuses on two unique directions that the fix of producing energy for the production of CO2 and SO2 through forest resources and functional macromolecular for agriculture. More than 40 SCI papers and over 20 EI papers have been published in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Environmental Pollution, Energy & Fuels, Cellulose, Carbohydrate Polymers, Materials Science & Engineering: A, Journal of Alloys and Compounds and other leading periodicals on engineering. More than 20 national invention patents have been authorized.

(Translated and Edited by Division of Overseas Cooperation

& Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures)