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NIIT Chief Executive Officer Visted KUST

Kamal Dhudper, CEO of India’s National Institude of Information Technology (NIIT) in China, LIN Yuzhan, Business Operation Manager in China and YUAN Ye, Operation Director of southwest region visited KUST Chenggong Campus on March 6, 2018. ZHANG Bing, Director of the Division of Overseas Cooperation and relative leaders from the Faculty of Information Engineering and Automation and Computer Center attended the meeting.

Deputy dean of the Faculty of Information Engineering and Automation and leader of Computer Center introduced their faculties respectively. In order to pursue the collaborative model of school-enterprise cooperation and joint running of subjects, both sides discussed issues that involved enrollment, talent training, training mode and tuition fee.The cooperation aims to cultivate high quality IT talents, promote computer education quality in universities and colleges of Yunnan province, optimize the existing professional curriculum system, improve the quality of employment for graduates, thereby achieve high quality employment,forman IT talentbase to make Yunnan provincean developed provincein the field of IT in southwest China and to improve the proportion of outsourcing yieldof software service in the GDP and make contribution to further optimize the economic structure, which undoubtedly has great potential for great value.

NIIT, a famous Indian training education institute among the top of three in the world,provides learning management and training delivery solutions for corporations, organizations and individuals from more than 40 countries and areas. Entering China in1997, NIIT has set up 180 centers in 65 cities and has established cooperation with over 300 colleges and won great reputation and numerous official awards in the field of education.

(Translated and Edited by Division of Overseas Cooperation

& Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures)