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KUST Accredited as IELTS-Recognizing-Organization

Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST) was accredited as IELTS-Recognizing-Organization (RO) and an IELTS training centre was set up on KUST Chenggong Campus to cultivate professional talents with global vision, profound knowledge of international rules and higher proficiency in the English language.

On the afternoon of November 1, about three hundred guests attended the launch ceremony of KUST IELTS-RO and the IELTS training centre at KUST. Prof. YANG Bin, KUST Vice President hosted the ceremony. Prof. LUO Lihui, Vice Chairman of Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference announced the establishment of IELTS training centre at KUST.

Prof. ZHANG Yingjie, Party Secretary of CPC KUST Committee pointed out that a greater number of internationalized professional talents are needed to participate in the global governance, and the internationalization of KUST means an ever-increasing high-level international exchange programs and an ever-increasing demand of the university students for overseas studying. She hoped that the accreditation of KUST IELTS-RO and the KUST IELTS training centre will make contributions to the English education progress and internationalization of KUST and the University will integrate IELTS resources into its English teaching system and thus provide greater opportunities for the students to improve their English proficiency.

Ms. LI Yongming, Director of IELTS Testing in Southwest China of the British Council, expressed her sincere congratulations to KUST. She said: "I was extremely impressed by your exploring spirit as well as excellent working ability and efficiency." Ms. Li Yongming added, “Over 3 million people took IELTS in 2016 worldwide and it is accepted by more than 10000 institutions among 140 countries and regions. We will spare no effort to do more for KUST's education internationalization through teacher training, academic support and market promotion ".


 (Translated and Edited by Division of Overseas Cooperation &

Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures)