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KUST Holds School Anthem Symposium

The symposium of KUST School Anthem was held in Lianhua campus on October 11. The librettist XU Rongkai, former deputy secretary of CPC of Yunnan Province and former governor of Yunnan Province, and the songwriter WAN Li, the noted composer both attended the symposium, listening to suggestions to the school anthem We Start from Here (Draft). ZHOU Rong, the director of Education Bureau of Yunnan Province, LIN Wenlan, former director of Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Department, KUST former leaders WANG Jiaju and ZHANG Wenbin and KUST current leaders ZHANG Yingjie, PENG Jinhui, TIAN Jun, LI Li, NIU Zhiliang and SHU Hongchun also attended the symposium.

Mr. TIAN Jun, Deputy Secretary of CPC of KUST hosted the symposium.

Mr. XU Rongkai, former governor of Yunnan Province, recited the song emotionally and detailed his creation ideas from the philosophy of schooling, school location and environment, campus scenery, campus life, as well as student’s ideas and yearning for the future.

Former leaders, KUST alumni and representatives of teachers and students had a lively discussion and showed their support and appreciations. Prof. WANG Jiaju said that the school anthem has symbolized school concepts and carried forward school spirits. It’s important for KUST to promote school anthem and inspire all teachers and students. Prof. ZHANG Wenbin suggested that school anthem should be easy to remember, to sing and to attract popularity and good for inspiring all faculties and staff members’ love for KUST.

 KUST alumni expressed their good wish for the progress of KUST. They believed the school anthem was a bridge between KUST and her students. They hoped that the school anthem would keep pace with the time. As the representatives of teachers and students concluded, floating flowers in pear orchard and strolling in the red corridor are exclusive memory of KUST.

Mr. XU Rongkai said he would refine the school anthem in terms of words and rhythm after discussion. Songwriter WAN Li showed his confidence to make it a great song.


(Translated and Edited by Division of Overseas Cooperation &

Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures)