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KUST International Students Shine in the 2017 Chinese Proficiency Competition

On September 29, three international students from Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST) working as a team won the champion in the poetry session of Chinese Bridge 2017 Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreigners Across the Globe (Chinese Proficiency Competition) on CCTV-4. Team members LE THI QUYNH XUAN (黎氏琼春) from Vietnam, KONE SALIF (萨立夫) from Mali and Rakiry Jhonatan Lock (小小路) from Madagascar, went through rounds of challenges during the heated competition and finally made their way to the final.


 The cultural television program Chinese Proficiency Competition is jointly sponsored by Office of Chinese Language Council International (Confucius Institute Headquarters) and CCTV, and have been presented on CCTV-4 since 2014. It aimsto help the Chinese language learners to further their understanding and enhance their love of Chinese culture through the competitions. This year’s competition is characterized by an integration of competitiveness, creativity, culture, performance and interaction. KUST international students have achieved certain good results in the past competitions.



 (Translated and Edited by Division of Overseas Cooperation &

 Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures)