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Delegates of International Workshop Visit KUST

     Initiated by Department of International Cooperation of Minister of Science and Technology, and undertaken by Yunnan Academy of Scientific and Technical Informationthe International Workshop on Development and Application of Solar Technologies and Products was recently held in Kunming. 14 students from Pakistan, Nepal, Mongolia and other countries participated in the 20-day training program. During the workshop,trainees paid a visit to the Faculty of Metallurgical and Energy Engineering of Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST).




Prof. MA Wenhui, KUST Distinguished Professor of Changjiang Scholars Program, lectured andpresented teaching platformssuch as New Energy Science and Engineering Teaching Laboratory, Vacuum Energy Storage Laboratory and Solar and Biomass Complementary Laboratory. And then trainees conducted experiments in the New Energy Science and Engineering Teaching Laboratory with the guidance of Prof. MA. In addition,KUST experts also gave lecturesconcerning solar technology to show current results on solar energy achieved by China.

The workshop plays a positive role in solar technology exchanges and cooperation between China and the participating countries,which is of great importanceenhancing scientific and technologicalcooperation and promoting good neighborly and friendly relations between China and other developing countries.


 (Translated and Edited by Division of Overseas Cooperation &

Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures)