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KUST and NU Sign a Cooperative Agreement

 Sukruedee SUKCHAI, Dean of the School of Renewable Energy Technology (SRET) of Naresuan University (UN) and his colleaguesrecentlyvisited Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST)and signed an agreement on collaborative establishment of Renewable Energy School and Research Institute. Prof. WANG Hua, Vice President of KUST, together with leaders, teachers and students from the Faculty of Metallurgical and Energy Engineering attended the signing and opening ceremony.

The delegation of KUST visited Naresuan University on July 29, during which a framework agreement on cooperation was reached. The latest cooperative agreement aims to implement and strengthen the cooperation on education, research, social services and new technology applications. In addition, a preliminary consensus was achieved on  specific issues as joint education mode of graduates and exchange education and research program of young teachers.

 The delegation of Naresuan University also visited the National Engineering Laboratory of Non-ferrous Metal Vacuum Metallurgy, the laboratory for New Energy Science and Engineering Teaching, and several other key laboratories of KUST.


(Translated and Edited by Division of Overseas Cooperation

and Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures)