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KUST holds 2017 China-US University Technology Transfer Forum

 On June 26, 2017 China-US University Technology Transfer Forum was held in KUST Lianhua Campus. The forum was jointly held by Yunnan Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department (HRSS), Yunnan Provincial Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs, KUST and WACTM. Mr. RUAN Zhaoqi, Director of Yunnan Provincial Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs, Mr. BU Xin and Mr. TAO Qingjiu, WACTM Vice Chairman, and Prof. WANG Hua, KUST Vice President attended the ceremony.

  Vice President WANG Hua, on behalf of KUST, expressed a warm welcome to the administrators and experts attending the ceremony. He pointed out that in order to achieve innovation-driven development, it is urgent to get through the last mile of the transfer of scientific and technological achievements. He took National University Science Park of KUST as an example and shared the experience with the audiences how KUST has got through the policy bottleneck of transformation and constructed an innovative support system. According to him, KUST has completed more than 3000 technology transfer projects with contract value of 2.5 billion RMB yuan, promoted more than 1,000 technology transfer projects in strategic emerging industries and more than 30 major technology transfer projects. It served more than 4,000 companies and gained economic benefits of 100 billion RMB yuan ($14.7 billion).


  Mr. BU Xin, Vice Chairman of WATCH, gave a speech on the Future of Technology Transfer in Chinese and American Universities. In the speech, he introduced the situation of overseas technology transfer from aspects of government and institutions, the concept and training of technology managers and startup. He also emphasized that the introduction and popularization of technology managers would effectively promote the transfer of scientific research achievements in universities and colleges.

  The attendance of the forum deliver speeches and discuss a variety of subjects in technology disclosure and evaluation, technology protection, technology marketing, technology licensing in American universities, the situation of technology transfer in Chinese universities, WATCH's role in helping train technology managers of Chinese universities and so forth. During the forum, 100 representatives from universities, governmental departments, research institutes, hospitals and companies around the country will exchange ideas with international experts to gain a better understanding of the status quo of China-US university technology transfer and what technology managers can do for the economic and social development. 

  The forum aims at implementing innovation-driven development strategy and the Belt and Road Initiative in Yunnan. KUST, as Yunnan Training Base for Sino-US University Technology Managers, will play a critical role in attracting globally high level talents and promoting the science and technology transfer in universities and institutes in Yunnan and then throughout China through training of technology managers.

   (Translated and Edited by Division of International Cooperation & 

Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures)