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Yunnan Implemented Its 1st Int'l Standard for TCM Jointly Formulated by KUST & Other Institutions

     On June 5, the press conference for “2016 Yunnan Biopharmaceutical and Major Health Industry Development” was held by the Press Office of People’s Government of Yunnan Province and the Promotion Team of Biopharmaceutical and Major Health Industry of Yunnan. At the press conference, the international standard of ISO 20408: 2017 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) --- Seeds and Seedlings of Panax Notoginseng was issued. This standard, with KUST Prof. CUI Xiuming's research team playing a leading role in its formulation, is the second national quality standard for TCM seeds and seedlings, and the first international standard for TCM formulated by Yunnan province.



  KUST Vice President YANG Bin and the major research team members of KUST headed by Prof. CUI Xiuming (the first from right) attended the press conference.
  At the press conference, Mr. LIU Guangyu, Deputy Director of Yunnan Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, confirmed the normative function, the guiding effects and the significance of the standard implementation.
  According to Mr. LI Chunlin, Deputy Governor of Wenshan Autonomous Prefecture,  the international standard is beneficial to quality control and standardization development of TCM in enhancing its brand influence, creating opportunities, and building a platform for Yunnan Panax Notoginseng to enter into the international market.
  KUST has built a national-level key lab and a provincial-level key lab for Panax Notoginseng research ever since the team for Panax Notoginseng research headed by Prof. CUI Xiuming was established in 2012. Up till now, KUST has conducted some systematic, cooperative and collaborative research focusing on the whole industry chain of Panax Notoginseng with findings and fruits.
  Background introduction:
  In 2009, with the promotion of Chinese government and the deepening of the internationalization of TCM, the International Organization for Standardization set up TCM Technical Committee ISO/TC 249 and officially started the formulation of ISO TCM international standards. In Dec, 2013, the team led by Prof. CUI Xiuming, Prof. HU Xujia of KUST and joined by Prof. LIU Liang of Macau University of Science and Technology and Academician HUANG Luqi of TCM Resource Center of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences applied to State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine to propose the two international standards for seeds and seedlings and medicines of Panax Notoginseng. The project was approved in Jan, 2015 and the standard was finally implemented and published in 2017.
                         (Translated and Edited by Division of International Cooperation & 

                                                          Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures)